Crux Intelligence Announces First Anchor Partner

Reckitt benefiting from the exceptional value of Crux Intelligence’s AI-fueled business intelligence solutions

NEW YORK, Oct. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Crux Intelligence, a business intelligence company providing a comprehensive suite of augmented analytics products that puts AI in the hands of every business user, today announced Reckitt as the first anchor partner for the company’s business intelligence platform. Reckitt uses Crux Intelligence to more effectively manage business outcomes through its data-driven decision-making. As the anchor partner, Reckitt has expressed its long-term commitment to the platform and interest in expanding use cases for Crux’s next-generation augmented analytics tools.

Reckitt is a leading distributor of hygiene, wellness and nourishment products, including household brands such as Lysol, Mucinex, Durex and Air Wick. The international corporation recognized Crux Intelligence’s potential to proactively mitigate revenue and value at risk; Reckitt now uses augmented analytics from Crux to drive business and supply chain decisions. By bringing together disparate datasets within a unified semantic layer, Crux Intelligence enables Reckitt employees to easily understand key business drivers and indicators and take action accordingly.

Today’s business environment requires companies to make the most out of their first-party data assets to remain successful. Crux Intelligence’s mobile-first business intelligence platform lowers the barrier to entry for enterprises seeking to derive insights from their data. Focusing on speed-to-insight and ease of use, Crux Intelligence uses natural language processing to facilitate seamless onboarding and rapid data analysis.

“Crux Intelligence represents a significant step forward for enterprise data analytics. They have disrupted the dashboard as we know it, delivering a forward-looking insights engine that helps us to identify in advance when our revenue may be at risk,” said Ganesh Sivakumar, Head of Data and Analytics at Reckitt. “We plan to further develop our processes within Crux’s business intelligence platform to take an even more predictive approach to business insights.”

“Innovative companies like Reckitt and DFA realize that the next disruption in business intelligence will be driven by a shift from predefined dashboards to automated, conversational, mobile and dynamically-generated platforms,” said Kathy Leake, CEO of Crux Intelligence. “Our capabilities empower Reckitt and DFA to put AI in the hands of every business user.”


Crux Intelligence is a business intelligence company that puts AI into the hands of every business user. Developed as a mobile-first platform to provide curated, on-demand insights available anytime, anywhere, Crux Intelligence helps to answer the “why” behind many of the most pressing business questions. Automated and always on, Crux Intelligence delivers agile insights without requiring inputs or queries from the end user. Crux Intelligence leverages natural language processing and natural language generation through sophisticated voice search tools to offer a seamless, high-performance user experience.

Crux Intelligence was established and incubated by Fractal – a global leader in AI and Analytics services.


Alexandra Levy