The Reluctant Prophet Launches New Website

Enhanced platform provides an advanced interactive experience for many followers of renowned clairaudient

KELOWNA, British Columbia, Oct. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Esteemed Canadian Communicator and clairaudient Dr. Mike Shymkowich Kennedy (The Reluctant Prophet) has unveiled a New Website.

The enhanced site, located at, presents a series of thought-provoking articles and videos, in which Dr. Kennedy identifies societal issues and presents Empirical-based solutions. His guidance and insight have already helped thousands of people across the world to lead more impactful and happier lives.

Dr. Kennedy states, "The newly enhanced digital presence of The Reluctant Prophet transcends geographic boundaries, permitting my many followers and students to efficiently learn, discuss, and grow. It is imperative that my teachings are disseminated widely and clearly, and the new site provides an interactive platform to do so."

The Reluctant Prophet claims that his clairaudient ability permits him to have ongoing conversations with the Archangel Michael, from which he discerns clarity into the problems facing the world today, as well as receiving direction as to potential solutions.

"My mission is to help people find the truth and develop the knowledge and confidence to improve their well-being. Sometimes that is simply a matter of closely listening to individuals’ concerns and answering their questions," Dr. Kennedy adds. "Video conferences, live chat, and other forms of communication—all now available at—enable me to connect with many people simultaneously; whereas, before the new site and web tools, I was fortunate if I could help 25 people a day."

Dr. Kennedy's new site is complemented by a suite of growing digital assets, including social pages, regularly released videos, e-mail marketing, and webinars, all of which have been popular among his audiences. Next month, The Reluctant Prophet will be announcing several speaking engagements at a variety of conferences throughout North America.

Dr. Mike Shymkowich Kennedy, Lt(N) Ret’d, B.Sc, M.Sc., D.Ms is a 92-year-old respected academic, blogger, and communicator who has identified numerous imminent threats to today’s society. He stresses the importance of uniting and working together to preserve our future. Interviews with Dr. Kennedy are available: e-mail or call (250) 712-9599.

A video accompanying this announcement is available at:



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