NanoVeda Iron Oral Strips are Perfect for People Who Are Iron Deficient

NanoVeda Rapid Dissolve Strips Offer Superior Body Absorption Than Pills, Capsules, or Syrups


PALM BEACH, FL, Oct. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Americans need iron.

It is common knowledge that many women are prone to having an iron deficiency, but WebMD reports that people with kidney failure, bleeding ulcers, and gastrointestinal disorders may need an iron supplement.

People who work out a lot, consume too many antacids, or have had bariatric weight loss surgery also may need iron supplements.

For anyone who has an iron deficiency, NanoVeda, has Iron oral strips that are fun and easy to take.

“Iron is an essential mineral. Our bodies need iron to function,” said Rakshit Mehta, founder of the Swiss-based NanoVeda health and wellness company. “Iron is used by the body in the production of Red Blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the body.”

The Mayo Clinic reports that people with an iron deficiency may feel tired and have shortness of breath.

To combat iron deficiency, Mehta said NanoVeda’s Iron Strips contain patented microencapsulated Nano Iron that the body readily absorbs.

“We have developed a smarter way to health by substituting difficult-to-swallow pills, tablets, and yucky syrups with oral strips that melt in your mouth,” he added. “Because we use advanced Swiss nanotechnology, the body quickly absorbs the nutrients and ingredients in NanoVeda’s products.” 

NanoVeda strips use the patented ThinkSol Technology that converts ingredients into fine nanoparticles, which are rapidly dissolved and absorbed in the body.

NanoVeda also combines nanotechnology with 1,000 years of Ayurveda alternative medicine to create what it calls a smarter way to health.

In addition to the Iron Strips, NanoVeda has developed the following oral strips that are available on the NanoVeda Amazon Brand Store:

  • NanoVeda Curcumin Strips, which contains curcumin, is the most active ingredient in Turmeric.
  • NanoVeda Ashwagandha Strips, which contains Ashwagandha, is an ancient medicinal herb.
  • NanoVeda Sleep Strips
  • NanoVeda Energy Strips
  • NanoVeda Probiotics Strips
  • NanoVeda Immune Strips

NanoVeda oral strips, which are tasty with natural fruit flavors, are easy to take, especially compared to pills, tablets, and syrups.

With NanoVeda oral strips, you peel and place the strip on your tongue.

“We have developed oral strips that address the most common needs people deal with every day,” Mehta said. “We also plan to soon introduce antacid and biotin strips."

To purchase NanoVeda oral strips, visit the NanoVeda Amazon Brand Store.



NanoVeda Oral Nutritional Strips Are the Smarter Way to Good Health NanoVeda Iron Strips Now Available on Amazon

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