Canada’s Noah Digital Group and China-EU Trade Platform Joint Venture

Burlington, Ontario, CANADA

Toronto, ON, Oct. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The joint venture signing ceremony between Canada's Noah Digital Group and China-EU Trade Platform was held simultaneously in Toronto, Canada and Qingdao, China, on Oct. 21, 2021.

With a registered capital of C$10 million and a total investment of C$30 million, the project further promotes friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and Canada in economic, technological, trade, cultural and other fields, attracts outstanding Canadian enterprises to invest in Qingdao, and introduces China's quality products and services to Canada.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Dr. Bin Tang, Chairman of Noah Digital Group, expressed the hope that through close cooperation with China-EU Trading Platform, Noah Digital Group will be able to leverage its digital marketing, big data analysis, cross-border eCommerce platform, and artificial intelligence advertising to provide cross-border eCommerce businesses in China and Canadian companies with multiple competitive advantages.

In cooperation with the City of Niagara Falls, Ms. Lena Xu, CEO of Noah Digital Group, said her company is preparing to establish a cross-border eCommerce industrial park in the Niagara Foreign Trade Zone that will serve as a one-stop platform for promoting trade between Canada and China.

Speaking at the ceremony, Noah Digital Group Director John Kuhn said, “Our superior eCommerce platform, combined with extraordinary digital marketing and fulfillment capabilities, will address the challenges presented to SMEs by the pandemic and meet all the requirements of businesses and consumers.”

He emphasized that Noah’s vision is to enable businesses to successfully operate globally by empowering them with the digital tools to create a customer-centric procurement and shopping experience.

Kuhn added, "In essence, we're creating democratization of the e-commerce platform. No matter the size, you will have the ability to compete in the world of the Internet of Things.”

The Noah Prime eCommerce Platform will allow Canada and China to introduce quality products to millions of consumers worldwide.  

In the wave of eCommerce globalization, the signing of Noah Digital Group and the China-EU Trade Platform joint venture will promote closer ties between Canada, China, and other countries in economy, trade, science, technology, education, and more. It will build an economic and trade ecosystem with a cooperative exchange, sharing of resources, and win-win cooperation.

Noah Digital Group Chairman Bin Tang, CEO Lena Xu, Directors John Kuhn, William Zhai, and Gary Zhou, Chairman of the China-EU Trade Platform Ping Hou, General Manager Xia Yang, Chairman of the Qingdao Overseas Chinese Federation Zuo Cui, Chairman of Canada-China eCommerce Alliance Tony Wang, President of Hamilton Chinese Business Association Lilian Guo, and other distinguished guests attended the meeting in Toronto and Qingdao in-person and virtually. 

About Noah Digital Group:

Noah Digital Group is a Canadian-based company located in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario. Noah Digital Group owns Noah Prime eCommerce platform, Noah Digital Marketing, and Noah Trading Corp. Leveraging the advantages of state-of-the-art digital marketing technology, big data analysis, cross-border eCommerce platform, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence advertising platform, Noah Digital Group provides a customized one-stop digital marketing eCommerce solution for Canadian and Chinese cross-border eCommerce companies. Noah Digital Group's team of Chinese and Western digital marketing and e-commerce experts helps cross-border eCommerce enterprises expand to the overseas market and build international brands. To learn more about Noah Digital Group's eCommerce platform and digital marketing services, visit and

About China-EU Trade Platform:

China-EU Trade Platform is an "Internet + Innovative Foreign Trade" service platform founded under the guidance of China's "One Belt and One Road" Policy. It is a multinational trading company focusing on the European market. Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, and Qingdao, China, it provides one-stop services for cross-border eCommerce enterprises, from landing orders, customs clearance, overseas warehousing logistics to overseas exhibition halls, and European exhibition visits, and more. It helps enterprises streamline their exports, lower costs, increase efficiency and profits.


The joint venture signing ceremony between Canada's Noah Digital Group and China-EU Trade Platform in Qingdao Signing join venture agreement in Toronto

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