Texts with Racial Undertones Allegedly Sent by Dan Ribacoff, Polygraph Expert from Steve Wilkos Show, IIGPI, May Support Racial Discrimination Accusations Against NY MTA

Details at DirtyCopsandPIs.com, a News Website Launched Today Featuring Abuse-of-Power Stories

Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES

Lead Article at DirtyCopsandPIs.com, News Website Featuring Abuse-of-Power Stories Launching Today

Los Angeles, California, United States, Oct. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DirtyCopsandPIs.com, a news website dedicated to exposing the sinister world of crime, corruption, and abuse-of-power, launched today with an eye-opening feature story about newly discovered text messages with racial undertones, allegedly sent by Dan Ribacoff, the polygraph expert from NBCUniversal Media’s The Steve Wilkos Show, and what impact they may have on a racial discrimination complaint filed by former federal prosecutor and attorney Peter Crusco against the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA).

The MTA allegedly contracted with Dan Ribacoff’s companies, InDepth Polygraphs and International Investigative Group LLC (IIGPI), to conduct polygraph examinations for new job applicants. Attorney Peter Crusco filed a racial discrimination complaint after his client was allegedly rejected by the MTA due to a failed polygraph examination administered by Dan Ribacoff’s daughter, Lisa Ribacoff.  DirtyCopsandPIs.com has all the details on this breaking story, including an informative podcast with attorney Peter Crusco, and copies of the text messages in question, allegedly sent by Dan Ribacoff to a private investigator.

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Jeffrey Augustine, founder and editor of DirtyCopsandPIs.com, is an investigative journalist and licensed private investigator, best known for his blog Scientology Money Project. Mr. Augustine has spent the last 11 years investigating and reporting on crimes and related stories ranging from financial fraud to cults and everything in between. “In the course of my investigative work, I’ve run across all kinds of shady characters. Some of the worst include dirty cops, private investigators, and corrupt individuals who abuse their positions of authority and take advantage of helpless victims. The public has the right to know who these bad actors are, and I felt the time was right to launch DirtyCopsandPIs.com” said Mr. Augustine.

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