NFT Powerhouse, YellowHeart, Delivers Mobile NFT Ticketing & Wallet App

YellowHeart Wallet brings the Music+NFT innovators to the front lines with ‘evolving’ NFT tickets and tokenized access to artist content

NEW YORK CITY, Oct. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) -- YellowHeart (, the music tech power players and NFT marketplace behind some of 2021’s most defining ‘music industry firsts’ including NFT drops and community token roll outs for performing artists Kings of Leon and Maroon 5, today launched their NFT ticketing mobile app, the YellowHeart Wallet. The mobile wallet, available in the Google Play store and iOS App Store as of today, will eliminate the need for a physical ticket and connect users directly to YellowHeart’s Web3 Ethereum-based NFT ticketing platform and marketplace where the company has been selling and actively facilitating NFT ticketing via mobile browser for some time.  

The YellowHeart Wallet enables credit card fiat and cryptocurrency payments via Ethereum and Polygon integration, to be used for live event NFT ticket purchasing and on-site redemption. The wallet also integrates seamlessly with on-site activations and the concert-going experience. Fans who hold an artist’s community token or have previously purchased NFTs from an artist, creator, or event producer via YellowHeart’s Web 3 NFT marketplace, can now receive benefits that come with purchasing and using NFT tickets like exclusive in-app content, surprise access to private events, and collectible NFT tickets. 

YellowHeart made waves across the music industry in 2021 by innovating the industry’s perception of NFTs and how the decentralized technology can be used to create new types of content and engagement opportunities for music fans and content creators across mediums. The company has partnered with A-list recording artists across multiple genres to facilitate NFT drops and community token launches that push the boundaries of what was previously possible for musicians in a pre-NFT world.  Now, with concert and live event NFT ticketing integrated into the YellowHeart Wallet mobile app, these activations and fan experiences enter yet another tier of innovative, creative opportunities and possibilities.

“The YellowHeart Wallet is a major milestone for the live event industry. The App allows fans, artists, and venues to interact with Web3 marketplaces, which will greatly evolve the fan experience and create long-term recurring revenue opportunities for artists, teams, and venues. Artists, teams, and venues that don’t adapt will get left behind,” said Josh Katz, CEO of Yellowheart. “Providing fans with a technology that grants exclusive access to concert tickets and event-specific content is a real win for us; combining this with our focus on artist community tokens, exclusive album-connected NFT content, and the possibilities for creativity from here are endless.”

YellowHeart’s NFT ticketing technology unlocks an array of creative digital experiences and content interactions that aim to enhance the fan experience and also provide new tools and information for event producers and touring artists. Tokenized access tied to IPFS means that a change triggered on the blockchain can result in unique, streamlined experiences like a digital image of a concert ticket changing colors or automatically upgrading to grant exclusive access to fans who scan into, or exit, a concert or event, section of an activation, or purchase on-site merchandise. 

The Polygon-powered NFT tickets also connect to the rest of the YellowHeart ecosystem, meaning fans who have purchased an NFT in the past, or are in some way connected to an artist’s tokenized community, can be granted exclusive access or partner opportunities like discounts at selected stores or restaurants before or after a show, access to private events, exclusive meet & greets, and more.  Building the YellowHeart marketplace and app around blockchain technology means that entirely new experiences can be created for fans and concertgoers who choose to use NFT tickets via the YellowHeart Wallet.  

“Connecting tickets to blockchain technology via non fungible tokens means that rewards, content, access, discounts and more can be granted on a 1:1 basis,” explains YellowHeart CPO Thomas Emmanuel. “For example, a fan who has, say, the Maroon 5 community token -or any other artist, or brand, specific community token, would open the app and simply slide over to the ‘Rewards’ tab. From there they can access the various benefits  of the NFT, such as early entry, offers before or after the show at a partner establishment, after parties, along with exclusive content: video moments, highlight montages, or concert recordings.” 

In addition to the fan experience, running ticket sales through an open-source blockchain via the new app and wallet will give artists and event organizers the ability to track the entire ticketing cycle, including monitoring secondary market resale and potential ‘scalping’. For fans and attendees not accustomed to blockchain and NFTs, the app now means it is as simple as scanning a QR code displayed at an event. On-site QR codes will prompt new users to download the app, where they will be able to check out artist-related NFT offerings, but can interact and purchase these blockchain-tied assets directly with a credit card. Once a user is on board, any number of blockchain-based rewards can be granted to them, and collectible NFT tickets will immutably tie the fan’s presence at that one specific show.

YellowHeart has become an industry leader in NFT + Music technology, and powering unique fan experiences on the front end also results in powerful tools for artists and key music industry players on the back end.  Fans will tie their  NFT ticket to an email address - a failsafe for fans who show up to a concert with a dead battery - but this, and other blockchain-connected features result in a new way for artists and event producers to connect with fans and followers. 

YellowHeart has been actively rolling out their NFT ticketing technology at concerts and live events since September 2021, and the release of the YellowHeart Wallet now makes them the first in North America to offer NFT tickets via a mobile application.  The company’s Web3 platform has already enabled tokenized access to artist content including exclusive visual art collaborations and video content, unreleased music, and more, and now the mobile NFT ticketing app means that ‘real world’ access can come from holding NFT assets. NFT tickets are already on sale in the YellowHeart NFT Marketplace ( for the Dreamverse music+tech+art event on November 4th at Terminal 5 in New York, and the SCOPE immersive NFT art and music event in Miami happening November 30 - 5th, more events powered by the YellowHeart Wallet will be announced soon. 

YellowHeart Wallet is now available in the Apple iOS App Store and the Google Play Store
For more information on YellowHeart or to purchase NFT tickets, visit

About YellowHeart
Founded in 2017 by NYC-based music blockchain innovator and leader, Josh Katz, YellowHeart is the leading NFT marketplace for music NFTs, NFT tickets, community tokens and more; the company has worked with top 100 artists such as the Kings of Leon, Maroon 5, the late XXXTentacion, ZHU, Burnley F.C., and more. 

Sitting at the intersection of what has happened to cryptocurrency and what is happening to art and ticketing, YellowHeart is taking the blockchain's power to bulldoze the norms of selling tickets and art by creating an asset class that recognizes that buyers need a mechanism to irrevocably trace the provenance of a tradeable item, and creators should get paid a portion of all future profits derived from trading the work they created.


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