Ducommun Incorporated Named to Newsweek’s List of the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces for 2021

Carson, California, UNITED STATES

SANTA ANA, Calif., Oct. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ducommun Incorporated (NYSE: DCO), a global supplier of innovative electronic systems and structural solutions for the aerospace and defense industry, has been named to Newsweek’s inaugural list of Most Loved Workplaces for 2021, ranking number 66 among the top 100 companies recognized for employee happiness and satisfaction at work.

Newsweek’s 2021 list of Most Loved Workplaces was produced in collaboration with the Best Practice Institute (BPI), a leadership development and benchmark research company, which surveyed more than 800,000 employees from businesses with workforces ranging in size from 50 to more than 10,000. Five key areas were measured to gauge employee sentiment: 1) the level of collaboration within the company; 2) how positive workers are about their future at the company; 3) the degree to which employer and employee values align; 4) respect at all levels; and 5) career achievement.

The survey also included company responses and adaptability to the pandemic, workplace diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as compensation and benefits policies and practices.

“It is an honor to be named to Newsweek’s Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces for 2021,” said Stephen G. Oswald, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Ducommun Incorporated. “I began leading Ducommun in 2017 and came with a philosophy that I have used in the past and believe in, People First, Strategy Second, which I learned from Jack Welch who led GE. I also believe that value based cultures are the most effective and our core values at Ducommun are honesty, professionalism, respect, trust and teamwork. In addition, every employee that joins Ducommun is selected for their ability to contribute results while upholding these values. Newsweek’s designation reinforces that our “People First” approach is working and highlights the efforts being taken by the Company’s leadership to implement it. I am glad that we have a spotlight on our dedicated employees as well who, day in and day out, make a difference for our customers and contribute to Ducommun’s collective success!”

The Most Loved Workplaces initiative identified the top companies where employees are the happiest and most satisfied at work. All Most Loved Workplaces companies have a positive vision for the future that places love for employees at the core of their success.

“In the wake of the pandemic, businesses hit hurdles in terms of retaining and attracting employees – but the companies that made this list are delivering the respect, care and appreciation that it takes to create a positive workplace that nurtures talent,” said Nancy Cooper, global editor in chief, Newsweek.

“The best way to determine the strength of a company’s culture is by measuring the degree of love employees feel for their workplace,” said Louis Carter, CEO and founder of Best Practice Institute and Most Loved Workplace.

The full Newsweek list of 2021’s Most Loved Workplaces will be featured in the magazine’s October 29 print edition.

To identify the top 100 companies for the Newsweek ranking, BPI evaluated and scored organizations as follows: 35 percent of the initial score was based on employee survey responses; 25 percent was derived from analysis of external public ratings from sites such as Comparably, Careerbliss, Glassdoor, Indeed and Google; and 40 percent came from direct interviews with and written responses from company officials. Newsweek then conducted additional research into every company on the list, as well as the top runners up, to determine the final list of 100 companies and their ranking. (The list includes both U.S. firms and companies with a strong U.S. presence that are based overseas.)

About Ducommun Incorporated
Ducommun Incorporated delivers value-added, innovative manufacturing solutions to customers in the aerospace, defense and industrial markets. Founded in 1849, the company specializes in two core areas – Electronic Systems and Structural Solutions – to produce complex products and components for commercial aircraft platforms, mission-critical military and space programs, and sophisticated industrial applications. For more information, visit Ducommun.com.

About Newsweek
Newsweek is the modern global digital news organization built around the iconic, over 85-year-old American magazine. Newsweek reaches 100 million people each month with its thought-provoking news, opinion, images, graphics, and video delivered across a dozen print and digital platforms. Headquartered in New York City, Newsweek also publishes international editions in EMEA and Asia.

About Best Practice Institute
Best Practice Institute is an award-winning leadership and organization development center, benchmark research company, think tank and solutions provider. BPI is the certifying body for Most Loved Workplace® and conducted the original research to create the model and criteria for becoming a Most Loved Workplace®. BPI’s research proves that Most Loved Workplaces produce 3-4 times better customer service, employee performance, and retention than companies not loved by their employees.

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