Alo Solutions Ltd. Announces Board of Advisors

TORONTO, Oct. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alo Solutions Ltd. (“The Company”), a cloud based SaaS, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that is focused on being a next generation solution for creating better outcomes for children in care, is pleased to announce that they have appointed a Board of Advisors (“the Board”). This represents a key step in the Company’s growth and indicates that the Company co-founded by Sarah Sparks and Devin Edwards in 2017 is now ready for the next stage of growth.

The Company is thrilled that the Board will be representative of the minority groups who are currently overrepresented in the Canadian child welfare system. Specifically, Indigenous and African-Canadians. In addition, they feel that it says something that Board is majority female. Founder Ms. Sparks says: “I feel that the board is representative our the Alo brand, as well as bringing a lot of wisdom and experience from different sectors to the Alo team, which is what we need as we launch into this next phase of our growth.”

The Board comprises five members, each representing a different sector relevant to the Company’s business model. Melissa Allen will be joining the Board as Financial Advisor. With an award-winning career in wealth management at Desjardins, Ms. Allen began her professional career as a digital marketing expert. Ms. Allen entered the Venture Capital space in 2018. After becoming a first-time VC investor and Limited Partner in 2019, she began lending her expertise as an advisor to startups and investment firms before joining the Founder Institute VC Lab cohort #4 and charting her own path in venture capital. Ms. Allen feels passionately about Alo’s mission and vision and excited to be a part of their journey.

Amar Nijhawan will be joining the Board as Policy Advisor. Ms. Nijhawan is a policy specialist, experienced researcher, and strategist - with specific expertise around gender equity and feminist economic policy, global affairs, international economic policy and development, entrepreneurship, and sustainability across Canada and internationally.  Amar currently works on the Policy and Campaigns team at Oxfam Canada. Her intergovernmental and governmental experience will be essential as the Company transitions into the next phase of growth.

The third member of the Board is Art Proctor, an Afro-Métis neuro-diverse Artist, Activist, technologist, and community builder. Mr. Proctor will be the Community Advisor for the Company. He is a well-travelled, outspoken cultural catalyst and socio-political unwilling profit and futurist. His focus and passion are exploring the intersection between art and technology, specifically Film, digital and immersive media through the lens of the underrepresented diverse voices of Black, Indigenous, and people of colour. Mr. Proctor looks forward to being a part of the Company’s Board and feels strongly about the change they are putting in place.

The fourth member of the Board is Fiona Moar is an educator with a passion for advocacy. As an indigenous person, and parent her entire adult life, she has over 20 years of personal experience with the Canadian child welfare system. Her experiences have driven her to speak out on the need for change. Ms. Moar’s strength and no-nonsense approach, to Child Welfare, Politics, Social Justice and the inequalities of living as an indigenous person in North America has captivated audiences and amassed over 50 thousand followers on TikTok. She has been a huge supporter of Alo since its inception and now lends her unique perspective and experience to Alo’s Advisory board.

The final board member is Lindsay Eberts is a British-Canadian film producer based in Quebec. Inspired by her filmmaker family and time spent at film festivals all over the world, Lindsay believes a great story well told can change perspectives rapidly and create lasting emotional impact on global audiences. Ms. Eberts recently executive produced a feature documentary, ‘For Love’, which connects residential school trauma with the overrepresentation of Indigenous kids in Canadian foster care and celebrates incredible people doing something about it. Ms. Eberts is thrilled to be joining the Alo Board.

The Company is poised for growth and is looking forward to the diversity and experience the Board brings to the table. The Company is excited for their first round of equity raise, which will launch next month.

About Alo Solutions Ltd.

Alo Solutions Ltd., based in Toronto, Ontario, is an inclusive next-generation solution for better child welfare. Founded by a Black biracial woman with Indigenous roots, Alo Solutions offers a cloud-based SaaS and customizable CRM that automates and modernizes the caregiver application process. Alo is seeking to provide a modern-day solution for all stakeholders in the Canadian child welfare system, from the government to organizations, social workers, foster homes (pubic and private), and parents looking to adopt and foster. Alo Solutions is first to market, scalable across geographies, easy to use, and allows seamless integration for all users.


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