$Greed Acquired the Greed Music & Greed Ecosystem Estates in the Metaverse just moments before MANA Jumps 50%

$Greed Acquired the Greed Music & Greed Ecosystem Estates in the Metaverse just moments before MANA Jumps 50%. Greed Music is a 6 land estate and the Greed Ecosystem a 9 land estate in Decentraland.

Miami, Florida, Oct. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Grammy Award winning producers and song writers, Cool & Dre, teamed up with lead developer Captain Awesome (Peter Parente) to launch the first crypto music label, Greed Music. One of the featured Geed Metaverse projects will be the building of the Greed Music where fans can see their favorite recording artists live streaming while they work in the recording studios. The Greed Metaverse build ties other utilities together in the Greed Ecosystem. Why are leading social media and video game companies so enamored with this term? It’s because many expect themetaverse to emerge as the next evolution of the internet, presenting trillions of dollars of opportunities, as well as risks, to today’s leading platforms and internet giants.

$Greed Acquired the Greed Music & Greed Ecosystem Estates in the Metaverse just moments before MANA Jumps 50%

Forbes stated that established companies are deploying a massive arsenal in a quest to dominate the metaverse. From Microsoft to Roblox, tech powerhouses see the metaverse as our next gathering place for socializing and business—and where people come together, money is to be made. Mark Zuckerberg has declared that Facebook will be a metaverse company, not a social media company, in the next five years, with a goal that the metaverse reach one billion people and generate hundreds of billions of dollars in digital commerce by the end of decade.

Decentraland’s MANA jumped 80% when Facebook announced they rebranded to “Meta”. Yet what’s most striking about Decentraland is what happens behind the scenes. In this world, people can directly own and cultivate digital land. They can conduct commerce directly with other participants. And instead of relying on a corporation to run the world, its users govern policies on their own, through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The Greed Music 6 land estate can be found at coordinates 47,-41 and the Greed Ecosystem 9 land estate at 40,-49. Building out Greed Music with the music studio, club and concert area is the first priority and will be completed Q1 2022 so you can see your favorite recording artists working live in the studio.

The rest of the Greed Ecosystem will start being built once Greed Music is completed and will include a buildout for Greed’s pup, Baby Doge Inu. $BabyDogeInu is part of the Greed ecosystem and is the HODL token. The Baby Doge Inu game showcasing all the GREED NFTs is currebtly in beta testing at the Apple & Google Play stores and will be live any day now so keep your eyes open.

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