USAF Colonel (RET) / Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives for Joint Chiefs of Staff joins Greed as Chief Strategist

USAF Colonel / Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Joint Chiefs of Staff joins $Greed Token as Chief Strategist specializing in business risk, currency risk, commodities & intelligence.

Miami, FL, Oct. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Robert C Gaylord is a principal in MacroStrategies, a boutique consulting firm specializing in international political and business risk, currency risk, commodities and business intelligence. For 30 years he provided comprehensive studies and advice to senior members of the US government. His unique ability to understand global risk and its consequences on energy and strategic commodity markets caused him to move from principal advisor to the Secretary of the Air Force for Saudi Arabia, to Special Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for Terrorism, Mideast Policy, Latin America policy and global energy markets. As an international business executive he led companies in the US, Latin America and Europe. Today he advises senior executives on energy markets, strategic commodities and global risk factors and is an expert on international security and counter-terrorism. especially as it applies to the commercial aviation and maritime transportation industries.

USAF Colonel (RET) / Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives for Joint Chiefs of Staff joins Greed as Chief Strategist

$GREED Editorial - 30 October 2021

Byline - Colonel Robert Gaylord

Captain Awesome (Peter J. Parente) has been a friend of mine for years through the thick and

thin of businesses, economic fluctuations, international instability, good times and bad. He

approached me at the inception of $GREED because he saw a fundamental weakness in the

crypto universe - the lack of transparency of who is building out this universe and the general

inability of investors to asses their risk when they cannot even put their finger on who is

involved. His vision was to make a place where investors would know who was involved, create

an investment that had value over the long term and build out a trustworthy value chain based on

offering innovative new ways to enjoy your investment that motivates you to hold it.

Captain Awesome asked me to be involved due to my international business and security

experience, particularly in the area of international currency risk. Traditional currency risk

involves the currencies of nations as affected by governments, international events, wars and

rumors of wars, domestic and international regulation, central banking policies, commodity

supply chains and disruptions to international lines of communication. In some ways crypto

currencies are insulated from these risks because the crypto universe tends to operate outside

of regulation and the prying eyes, hands, and feet of governments. But in many ways crypto

currency risk is even more problematic for these same reasons. There are definitely

new risks that investors must acknowledge and understand before jumping in.

$GREED was developed to give investors a place to put their money that is transparent and

designed to reward investing (holding) versus speculation. As we wait to see if governments

are successful in trying to regulate the crypto world (what they really want to do is tax crypto

investments because they see their value), we move on. Like any currency, crypto will go up

and down - it will be used by most people for good and by some people for bad. It offers

promising rewards now and has the potential to enable even governments to mitigate their own

currency risk in unstable times.

Pictured : United States Air Force Colonel, Robert C. Gaylord flying a high Altitude U2 Reconnaissance mission above 60,000 feet protected by his pressure suit designed to protect him from the hazardous ultra high altitude environment. You can walk on the moon with this suit. Unfortunately Colonel Gaylord will not be able to use this suit while piloting the $GREED Rocket. Stark industries is currently working on our suits so we can walk amongst the STARS.

​Awarded Air Medal for his U2 Service

Additional awards include:

Legion of Merit, Defense

Defense Meritorious Service Medal

Humanitarian Service Medal

Presidential Unit Citations

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