ROMTech And The PortableConnect Help Patients With Advanced Telemedicine Technology

Brookfield, CT, Nov. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ROMTech knows that every patient in recovery has different needs to be met. When using their PortableConnect, patients have access to the PortableConnect app, which allows doctors to create personalized treatment plans for each individual patient, so the patients get the best outcome possible from their at-home physical therapy.

There’s also a telemedicine feature that allows patients to connect with their doctors for a face-to-face chat. This makes it easier and more affordable to have access to medical check-ups. All these features have already helped many patients in twenty-eight states in America. 

ROMTech has already made a fast recovery possible for thousands of patients across the country. This technology allows them access to equipment for physical therapy exactly when they need it. Patients have access to healthy recovery options. As a result, often they don’t need to depend on pills to get through their recovery.

A new clinical study found that the patients who recovered on the ROMTech portable connect used fewer prescription painkillers than their peers who did not recover on the portable connect. Lower narcotic usage translates into fewer addictions down the road. This is one of the main reasons why the team at ROMTech is committed to furthering the process of technology in telemedicine. 

Too many patients used to struggle with pain before they had access to this type of technology, often leading them towards prescription pills. The real trouble begins when the patient begins depending on the pills each day for relief because they usually end up using them much longer than needed.

When patients have access to other recovery methods, like the ROMTech device, then they turn the pills when it’s absolutely necessary, and even then, patients using the PortableConnect have been found to take fewer pills. 

Now that ROMTech is successfully helping so many patients, more and more healthcare professionals are seeking this advanced technology to help millions of people who suffer from knee and hip complications across the world.


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