New High Grade Surface Samples at Paramount’s Bald Peak Prospect Align With Large, Shallow Geophysical Target

Surface assays up to 10.85 g/T Au may be leakage from CSAMT anomaly

WINNEMUCCA, Nev., Nov. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Paramount Gold Nevada Corp. (NYSE American: PZG) (“Paramount” or the “Company”) announced today assay results from 44 new surface samples collected by the company primarily from silicic outcrops at its recently acquired Bald Peak Project (“Bald Peak”) in Mineral County, Nevada. The samples averaged 2.62 g/T gold and 4.2 g/T silver, with more than half assaying above 2 g/T gold and running as high as 10.85 g/T gold.

Paramount President and COO Glen Van Treek commented: “We are extremely excited about these results. The samples align with a large, intense CSAMT-derived resistivity anomaly about 300 feet below. Resistivity indicates silicification and we know that gold at Bald Peak is found in association with silica. It is also exceedingly rare to find these surface grades in a Nevada project which has never been drilled.”

The best surface values are clustered in close proximity to the most intense area of the geophysical anomaly which measures about 600 meters by 1,400 meters (see map below).

”These assay results suggest the potential for an open pit deposit. The alignment of surface samples and CSAMT anomalies are exactly what we were looking for when we acquired Bald Peak. This work will define our initial drill program at Bald Peak which is targeted for next year,” added Van Treek.

Several examples of the higher-grade results are listed in the table below.

Sample IDAu
Sample SourceDescription

29850210.93.7OutcropQuartz vein, strong FeOx, some quartz boxwork
2985587.95.7OutcropQuartz vein, 2' w, moderate to strong FeOx, void with secondary quartz mineralization
2985485.62.7OutcropQuartz vein outcrop, 1' w, moderate FeOx, void <2 cm with secondary quartz mineralization
2985075.510.3Outcrop10' w, minor quartz vault/stockwork, void, moderate FeOx, euhedral calcite boxwork
2985575.31.7OutcropQuartz vein, 2' w, moderate to strong FeOx, void with secondary quartz mineralization,
2985464.92.7FloatQuartz vein float, void <2cm with secondary Qtz mineralization, strong FeOx, Bx
2985454.82.2OutcropQuartz vein, 6"w, FeOx
2985014.41.7OutcropQuartz vein, 4"w, FeOx
2985533.63.0OutcropQuartz vein, 6' w, visible strata in vein, moderate to strong FeOx, void with secondary quartz mineralization, quartz boxwork, vault <2"
2985553.61.6OutcropQuartz vein, 6'w, weak to moderate FeOx, void with secondary quartz mineralization
2985523.68.7OutcropQuartz vein, strong FeOx, 7"w
2985473.54.8OutcropQuartz vein & vault, 1"w 20" l, strong FeOx, old exploration/prospecting pit, some voids with minor secondary quartz mineralization
2985603.42.5OutcropQuartz vein, 1'w, strong FeOx, some voids with FeOx and secondary quartz mineralization
2985713.216.2OutcropQuartz vein, 6'w, fault separating 2 sections of outcrop, dominant feature at outcrop, boxwork in vein and wall rock, void with secondary quartz mineralization

OutcropQuartz vein zone, 4'w, 20% silicified wall rock, strong FeOx on fractures & disseminated in wall rock
2985542.81.0FloatQuartz vein float, weak to moderate FeOx, void with secondary quartz mineralization
2985762.72.7OutcropQuartz vein outcrop and float, FeOx, void with secondary quartz mineralization

Outcrop2' Quartz Vein
2985562.50.9OutcropQuartz vein, 2'w, weak FeOx, void with secondary quartz mineralization, boxwork (euhedral calcite voids)
2985032.31.7OutcropQuartz vein in lithic tuff outcrop, 2'w, weak FeOx, void with secondary quartz mineralization, weak propylitic alteration (epidote)

Figure 1 Rock samples shown in CSAMT slice from a depth of 300 ft. to 450 ft. -

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About Paramount Gold Nevada Corp.
Paramount Gold Nevada Corp. is a U.S. based precious metals exploration and development company. Paramount’s strategy is to create shareholder value through exploring and developing its mineral properties and to realize this value for its shareholders in three ways: by selling its assets to established producers; entering joint ventures with producers for construction and operation; or constructing and operating mines for its own account.

Paramount holds a 100% interest in four gold projects: Grassy Mountain; Frost; Sleeper and Bald Peak.

The Grassy Mountain Gold Project consists of approximately 8,200 acres located on private and BLM land in Malheur County, Oregon. The Grassy Mountain Gold Project contains a gold-silver deposit (100% located on private land) for which results of a positive Feasibility Study have been released and key permitting milestones accomplished.

Frost is comprised of 84 unpatented lode claims covering approximately 1,730 acres located 12 miles southwest of the Company’s proposed high-grade, underground Grassy Mountain gold mine in Malheur County, Oregon (“Grassy”). An initial drill program is ongoing.

The Sleeper Gold Project is located in Northern Nevada, the world’s premier mining jurisdiction. The Sleeper Gold Project, which includes the former producing Sleeper mine, totals 2,322 unpatented mining claims (approximately 60 square miles or 15,500 hectares). The Sleeper gold project is host to a large gold deposit (over 4 million ounces of mineralized material) and the Company has completed and released a positive Preliminary Economic Assessment. With higher gold prices, Paramount has begun work to update and improve the economics of the Sleeper project.

The newly acquired Bald Peak Project in Nevada, consists of approximately 2,260 acres.

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