Leading the Hydrogen Transition with the Evaluation of Converting Natural Gas Pipelines to Blended or Pure Hydrogen Transportation

EDMONTON, Alberta, Nov. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hydrogen has the potential to become a key component in decarbonizing the energy industry as a replacement for traditional hydrocarbon fuel sources. One key element to enable this energy transition is the ability to repurpose existing natural gas pipeline systems for hydrogen transportation.

C-FER Technologies is teaming up with TWI Ltd of Cambridge, UK and the Sumitomo Corporation of Tokyo, Japan to launch a Joint Industry Project (JIP) with pipeline operators and line pipe manufacturers to evaluate the suitability of natural gas pipeline networks for transporting hydrogen. The project will serve as the foundation for the development of best practices, industry code revisions and standards.

“The collaboration between C-FER, TWI and Sumitomo brings together a truly global project team with the skills required to help industry ensure that natural gas pipeline systems can safely transport hydrogen,” says Kirk Hamilton, Senior Engineering Advisor for C-FER. “We are excited about this project because it is a critical component in accelerating the adoption of hydrogen in the energy system.”

The four-phase project includes material assessments, small and full-scale testing of pipeline material under continuous hydrogen exposure and evaluating the impacts of hydrogen on pipeline performance and the remaining service life of legacy pipeline systems. Testing will be conducted in C-FER’s facilities located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and at TWI’s laboratories in Cambridge, UK.

The analysis and test results will be used to determine how hydrogen service affects the safety, reliability, and management of legacy pipelines. The JIP will contribute to provincial, federal and international efforts to decarbonize and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the global energy system

TWI is delighted to be working with C-FER and Sumitomo on this JIP. Our combined expertise in small to full scale material and mechanical testing in hydrogen environments will provide unrivalled insight and knowhow for organisations concerned with safe and low-cost transportation of hydrogen via existing pipelines,” says Abbas Mohimi, Head of Regional Business Development.  

Engaging the Global Industry

Project participation is open to global pipeline stakeholders interested in establishing safe hydrogen service parameters for a wide range of legacy pipeline materials.

Learn more about the Joint Industry project at: https://www.cfertech.com/2021/11/01/hydrogen-transition-natural-gas-piplines-to-hydrogen/. For more information on how to join, contact Kirk Hamilton at k.hamilton@cfertech.com

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TWI Ltd is one of the world’s foremost independent research and technology organisations, with expertise in materials joining and engineering processes. For over 75 years we have been providing authoritative and impartial expert advice, knowhow and safety assurance to our over 700 industrial members from across the globe using our state-of-the art equipment in Cambridge, UK and other regional facilities.

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Sumitomo Corporation (“SC”) is a leading Fortune 500 global trading and business investment company with 113 locations in overseas countries/regions and 22 locations in Japan. In total, the entire SC Group consists of more than 900 companies and 70,000 personnel.

SC conducts commodity transactions in all industries utilizing worldwide networks, provides related customers with various financing, serves as an organizer and a coordinator for various projects, and invests in companies to promote greater growth potential.

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