Canadian Tech Company with Indigenous Founders Taking on Child Welfare

TORONTO, Nov. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alo Solutions Ltd. is a Canadian tech company with indigenous founders committed to creating lasting positive change for all stakeholders in the Canadian welfare system.

Devin Edwards an Indigenous man and co-founder Sarah Sparks, a Black Biracial, Indigenous woman, have successfully worked together in the tech space for over a decade. In 2018, they joined forces to create a streamlined, modern tool to create better outcomes for children in the Canadian child welfare system.

We all read the headlines on Friday afternoon about the Federal government filing an appeal regarding Indigenous compensation. They then back-pedaled on to say they hoped not to have to pursue the appeal, as they were sitting down for further negotiations with key stakeholders.

With over 50 percent of the children in care being Indigenous, although they only represent 7 percent of the National population, co-founders Mr.Edwards and Ms.Sparks believe that headlines of this nature illustrate not only the continual back-pedaling by the government when it comes to Indigenous children in care but also the systemic issues at play.

As Mr.Edwards says: “I hope the Government of Canada is going to sit down to these talks in good faith and good conscience, but I fear they're using this appeal to bully Indigenous people and children into accepting less than what they need under the threat of years in court.

For Ms.Sparks, the headlines are further “...justification of why prevention needs to be a priority. We need to be reactive in our approach to righting the wrongs of the past and compensating victims fairly. We also need to be proactive in our approach to the future, through the clear lenses of what Canada’s past is and how that has trickled down into the systemic issues that continue to hurt children.”  

The government itself has and continues to admit that the system is broken. However, trust from the Indigenous population towards the government is broken and has been for centuries, never mind generations and rightfully so. Mr.Edwards and Ms.Sparks are hoping that their modern solution from the community will go a long way towards building trust.

Through its cloud-based SaaS technology and customizable CRM, the Alo team has already developed an Application Portal for foster, adoption, customary care, kinship and respite, which stakeholders have said would be invaluable. Alo has plans for developing a Case Management Portal and a Parent Portal, which their market research has indicated is in high demand.

The Alo platform is easily integrated with many systems the secure online platform is designed to support all stakeholders, including government agencies at all levels, Indigenous communities, public and private organizations, and individuals like social works and everyone involved in the Canadian child welfare system.

Ms.Sparks, CEO and Mr.Edwards COO, are excited about Alo's future and, most importantly, for how their system can help change the lives for children in the child welfare system.

Female and BIPOC founders are some of the most under-funded in Canada. However, the team hopes to change this through their equity crowdfunding campaign, which launched yesterday on Equivesto, an Exempt Market Dealer, out of Toronto, ON. People who believe in what Alo is trying to do can view the full offering and start investing from $100:

About Alo Solutions Ltd.

Alo Solutions Ltd., based in Toronto, Ontario, is an inclusive next-generation solution for better child welfare. Founded by a Black biracial woman with Indigenous roots, Alo Solutions offers a cloud-based SaaS and customizable CRM that automates and modernizes the caregiver application process. Alo seeks to provide a modern-day solution for all stakeholders in the Canadian child welfare system, from the government to organizations, social workers, foster homes (public and private), and parents looking to adopt and foster. Alo Solutions is first to market, scalable across geographies, easy to use, and allows seamless integration for all users.


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