Global IoT Managed Services Market Report 2021-2026: Network IoT Managed Services As a Whole are Expected to Surpass $11.8 Billion by 2026


Dublin, Nov. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "IoT Managed Services Market by Type (Network, Application, Security, Access, Data), Use Case, Segment (Consumer, Enterprise, Industrial, and Government), Industry Vertical, and Region 2021 - 2026" report has been added to's offering.

This report assesses the IoT managed service market including network managed service, data managed service, security managed service, and access managed services.

The publisher of this report conducted a study to identify and measure the scope for IoT managed service in each major market segment, service types, and by global region. The study covers developments in carrier-based services as well as service bureau based IoT managed service.

IoT managed services are becoming increasingly popular with businesses around the world. For example, automation systems in industrial sectors, and in particular manufacturing companies, are constantly seeking greater operational efficiencies. This includes lower production downtime, lower production costs, and increased productivity, among other benefits. Managed IoT services are poised to deliver in this regard for both large corporations as well as SMB entities.

A managed IoT services provider allows businesses to implement end-to-end, commercial-ready solutions on a large scale, while also providing the flexibility to scale up or down as needed. Managed IoT services also provide organizations the ability to achieve higher levels of digital transformation and a more streamlined reach across external and internal supply chains.

Selected Report Findings:

  • Network IoT managed services as a whole are expected to surpass $11.8 billion globally by 2026
  • Managed security, privacy, and business data management are three of the most important IoT managed services for enterprise
  • Managed IoT services for the industrial segment will lead the market followed by enterprise, government, and consumer sectors
  • There is an emerging IoT infrastructure ecosystem in which managed service registry and related database services are a foundational component

Key Topics Covered:

1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Introduction

3.0 IoT Managed Service Market Considerations
3.1 IoT Application and Services Building Blocks
3.1.1 Semiconductors
3.1.2 Wireless Sensors
3.1.3 IoT Devices
3.1.4 Network Technology and Protocols
3.2 IoT Software, OS, Devices, Data, and Platforms
3.2.1 Real-Time Operating Systems
3.2.2 IoT Analytics
3.2.3 IoT Privacy and Security
3.2.4 IoT Device Management
3.2.5 IoT Standards and API Interoperability
3.3 IoT Industry Applications
3.4 IoT Value Chain Analysis
3.4.1 IoT Hardware Device Providers
3.4.2 IoT Component Providers
3.4.3 IoT Platform Providers
3.4.4 IoT Software and Service Providers
3.5 Role of Mobile Network Operators

4.0 IoT Managed Service Market Dynamics
4.1 Market Drivers
4.1.1 Increasing growth of Cloud technologies
4.1.2 Increasing Smart City Implementation across the Globe
4.1.3 Growing Number of Connected Devices
4.2 Market Challenges
4.2.1 Lack of Industry Standards
4.2.2 Lack of Awareness

5.0 IoT Managed Service Market Considerations
5.1 IoT Connectivity
5.2 IoT Device Management and Security
5.2.1 Device Management
5.2.2 Security

6.0 IoT Managed Service Market Segmentation
6.1 IoT Managed Service Market by Service Type
6.1.1 Network Management Services
6.1.2 Data Management Service
6.1.3 Security Management Service
6.1.4 Access Management Service
6.2 IoT Managed Service Market by Industry Vertical
6.2.1 Consumer
6.2.2 Enterprise
6.2.3 Industrial
6.2.4 Government
6.3 Role of IoT Managed Service in Enterprise Evolution
6.4 IoT Managed Service and Device Management
6.4.1 Service Management
6.4.2 Device Management

7.0 Managed IoT Data Infrastructure
7.1 IoT Data Infrastructure
7.1.1 IoT Identity Management Database
7.1.2 IoT Permissions Database
7.1.3 IoT Discovery Database
7.2 DB Support of IoT Orchestration and Mediation
7.3 DB Support of IoT AAA Services
7.3.1 IoT Authentication
7.3.2 IoT Authorization
7.3.3 IoT Accounting

8.0 IoT Identity Management Managed Services
8.1.1 Identify Network Elements
8.1.2 Identify Consumer, Enterprise, and Industrial Devices
8.1.3 Identify Actors: Consumer, Producer, Service Provider
8.1.4 Identify Data, Data Users, and Data Uses
8.1.5 IoT Identity Management and AAA as a Service
8.2 IoT DB Support of IoT Data Management and Analytics
8.2.1 IoT Data Management Requirements
8.2.2 IoT Data Market
8.2.3 IoT Data as a Service
8.2.4 IoT Analytics as a Service
8.2.5 IoT Decisions as a Service
8.3 IoT DB Registry and Transaction Services
8.3.1 Identity Registry and IDoT as a Service
8.3.2 IoT Authentication DB Services
8.3.3 IoT Authorization DB Services
8.3.4 IoT Accounting DB Services
8.3.5 IoT Data and Analytics DB Services
8.3.6 IoT Device Registry and DB Services
8.3.7 IoT Device Registry and IoT Identity Registry Relationship
8.3.8 IoT DB Services in Support of IoT Platforms
8.3.9 Monitoring Activity and Reporting Performance against SLA
8.3.10 IoT Infrastructure Ecosystem as a Whole

9.0 IoT Managed Service Market Outlook and Forecasts
9.1 Global IoT Managed Service Market Forecasts 2021 - 2026
9.2 Regional IoT Managed Services Market Forecasts 2021 - 2026
9.2.1 North America Market: Service Type, Industry Vertical, and Country
9.2.2 Europe Market: Service Type, Industry Vertical, and Country
9.2.3 APAC Market: Service Type, Industry Vertical, and Country
9.2.4 MEA Market: Service Type, Industry Vertical, and Country
9.2.5 Latin America Market: Service Type, Industry Vertical, and Country
9.3 Leading Country IoT Managed Service Forecasts 2021 - 2026
9.3.1 USA IoT Managed Service Forecasts 2021 - 2026
9.3.2 Germany IoT Managed Service Forecasts 2021 - 2026
9.3.3 China IoT Managed Service Forecasts 2021 - 2026
9.3.4 Japan IoT Managed Service Forecasts 2021 - 2026

10.0 IoT Managed Service Case Studies
10.1.1 Case Study 1: Paving the way for International IoT along the Silk Road
10.1.2 Case Study 2: IoT Managed Services for Government
10.1.3 Case Study 3: Cost-Effective Asset Tracking
10.1.4 Case Study 4: SolarNow Implemented Scalable Predictive and Ongoing Security Management Services
10.1.5 Case Study 5: M1 Limited Provides a Refuse Management System to the National Environment Agency
10.1.6 Case Study 6: Environmental Monitoring Solutions Case Study
10.1.7 Case Study 7: Cisco Connected Roadways Solutions
10.1.8 Case Study 8: Cryogenic Freezers Smart and Connected, using Cloud-based IoT Platform
10.1.9 Case Study 9: Managed NOC Services
10.1.10 Case Study 10: IoT Platform Helps Connect Data and Drive Innovation
10.1.11 Case Study 11: IoT Impacts on the Logistics Industry

11.0 Select Companies involved in IoT Managed Services
11.1 Microsoft
11.2 Cisco
11.4 IBM
11.5 DXC Technology
11.6 Ericsson
11.7 Rackspace
11.8 HCL
11.9 Infosys
11.10 AT&T
11.11 Codit
11.12 ExterNetworks Inc.
11.13 HARMAN International
11.14 Capgemini
11.15 Mindtree
11.16 Cognizant

12.0 Summary and Recommendations
12.1 IoT Managed Services Benefits
12.2 IoT Managed Services Go to Market Strategies

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