Global Agriculture Drones Market Projected to Surpass $6,244.5 Million, Increasing Adoption of Precision Farming is Likely to Drive the Market Growth – Informative Report [243 Pages] By Research Dive

The global agriculture drones market is projected to experience outstanding growth in the upcoming years. Increasing demand for food supply and rising implementation of precision farming techniques are fueling the growth of the market. The autonomous drones sub-segment, crop spray sub-segment, and rotary sub-segment are estimated to lead the market. The Asia-Pacific market is projected to dominate the market.

New York, USA, Nov. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new report on the global agriculture drones market has been added by Research Dive to its repository. As per the report, the market is expected to garner $6,244.5 million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 19.2% from 2021 to 2028. This report provides thorough insights into the present condition and future outlook of the global industry. The report is drafted by professional market analysts and assures to be a reliable source of data and detailed market insights for new players, investors, prevailing market players, stakeholders, shareholders, etc.

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Factors Impacting the Market Growth

Growing demand for food supply, rising implementation of precision farming techniques, and increasing venture funding in making of drones are boosting the growth of the global agriculture drones market . Furthermore, growing preference for enhanced data analytics to streamline agricultural processes in sustainable farming practices is projected to give rise to profitable opportunities for the market growth during the forecast period. However, dearth of standardization of communication interfaces and rules & regulations on flying commercial drones in residential areas is expected to hinder the market growth.

COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on the Market

The abrupt rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the growth of the global agriculture drones industry. The pandemic has surged the need for agriculture drones as the demand for food supply has increased drastically amidst the pandemic. However, closure of drone manufacturing companies and price drop in food prices is restricting farmers from adopting agricultural drones during the pandemic period, which is hampering the market growth to a certain extent.

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The report segments the global agriculture drones market into type, technology, application, and region.

Rotary Sub-Segment to Dominate the Market Growth

Among type segment, the rotary sub-segment is expected to grab major share of the market and garner $$3,448.6 million during the forecast period. The growth of this sub-segment is mostly due to the growing adoption of rotary agricultural drones in modern agricultural practices owing to their efficiency.

Crop Spray Sub-Segment to Experience Rapid Growth

Among application segment, the crop spray sub-segment is projected to observe accelerated growth by garnering $748.1 million by 2028. The growth of this sub-segment is mainly because of the rising demand for crop spray drones for spraying pesticides and fertilizers, and in irrigation applications in rice paddies, tiny fields, and other water-logged agricultural places, as well as sharply sloped or hard to reach areas.

Global Agriculture Drones Market to Experience a Boost Owing to the Growing Adoption of Precision Agriculture and Increasing Automation of Agriculture Equipment

Autonomous Drones Sub-Segment to Witness Fastest Growth

Among technology segment, the autonomous drones sub-segment is projected to observe rapid speedy growth by garnering $2,244.0 million by 2028. The growth of this sub-segment is mainly because of the rising demand for autonomous drones due to their highly developed ground control systems that reduce the number of operators needed to control the fleet with the assistance of automatic supervision procedures.

Asia-Pacific Region to Dominate the Global Market

The report analyzes the global agriculture drone market across several regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and LAMEA. Among these, the North America region market is expected to lead the global market by garnering revenue of $2,172.4 million during the estimated timeframe. The growth of this region market is mainly owing to the rising acceptance of advanced technologies in agriculture and increasing collaborations among public and private sectors for increasing food production and supply.

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Major Players in the Market

The report lists some of the leading players functioning in the global agriculture drones industry including -

  1. AgEagle AerialSystems Inc.
  2. AeroVironment, Inc.
  3. DJI
  4. Microdrones
  5. Parrot SA
  6. Delair
  7. Precisionhawk
  8. Sentera LLC
  9. SenseFly
  10. Yamaha Motor Corporation

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The report also offers several industry-top tactics and approaches such as top strategic moves & developments, product/service range, business performance, Porter five forces analysis, and SWOT analysis of the foremost players, functioning in the global industry. For instance, in February 2021, senseFly, a forerunner in making fixed-wing mapping drones, launched eBee Ag, a user-friendly and reasonable solution for agronomists, farmers, and service providers to competently collect aerial data and plant health insights for quicker agronomic decision-making for improving crop production and profits potentially.

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