ConnectFor Inc. Releases ConnetFor Work to Improve Manager-Employee Transparency and Drive Bottom-Line Results

The Employee Engagement Platform Seeks to Ensure Every Employee has Equal Opportunity to Love Their Work

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, Nov. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ConnectFor Inc., the B2B Saas employee-manager engagement platform, today announced the launch and availability of its first product offering: ConnectFor Work. The new platform provides actionable insights to managers to empower their team and drive bottom-line results. In advance of this launch, ConnectFor Work explored pilot studies with teams at various businesses and now is available for companies and their managers to improve performance from within. ConnectFor Work empowers individuals to take ownership of their careers by uniquely understanding employees’ professional interests while recommending the best project teams to managers for improved engagement, creativity, and innovation. With this launch, ConnectFor Work becomes the first platform to provide real-time insights that keep managers accountable for their teams’ diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. 

“We believe there are simple ways to improve work for everyone, and our technology can do that,” said Daniell Boris, founder of ConnectFor, Inc. “Research proves that when people love their work, they are more invested in their responsibilities, and thus employees, managers, and the company can all win together.”

ConnectFor, the brainchild of Danielle Boris, was created while she was completing her MBA at Cornell University. The company’s initial product is the first-ever platform to provide real-time actionable insights on how equitably opportunities are distributed among workplace teams. The new platform pairs the project topics and needs with employees’ professional interests to recommend the best fitting team. Research proves that women and minorities are statistically less likely to speak up for themselves at work, and when they do speak up, they are less likely to be heard. 

“Through our research and pilot programs, we found that 75 percent of employees on teams as small as three people were not doing work that aligned with their professional interests,” said Boris. “This data is consistent with academic research, including 35 percent of employees are engaged with what they’re doing, with 20 percent of employees intending to leave their current employer in the next six months.” 

ConnectFor Work solves the problems of advocating for oneself at work and the reasons it occurs. The business solves the root problems of employee engagement and DEI. The ConnetFor Work platform leverages employees' professional interests to recommend the best project teams to managers, empowers employees to raise their hands for opportunities that align with their interests, and keeps managers accountable for how equitably they provide opportunities across their teams. 

The new platform seeks to empower teams across the workforce, with every employee, every manager working together for better outcomes, but truly a better output. ConnectFor Work enables individuals and teams to achieve personal goals, while working with colleagues to achieve greater good for the company.

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ABOUT CONNECTFORConnectFor is a B2B SaaS platform dedicated to ensuring every employee is given an equal opportunity to love their work. The company’s first product ConnectFor Work leverages employees' professional interests to help managers staff them on projects they are actually excited about. Founded by Danielle Boris, ConnectFor provides real-time, actionable insights for how inclusively opportunities are provided in teams and organizations, and enables managers to identify disengaging employees and course-correct before employees leave. Research proves that employees who work on projects that align with their professional interests produce better output. Ultimately the goal is to help companies retain great talent who are happier and more productive for both themselves and their company.

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Danielle Boris, founder and CEO of ConnectFor Inc.

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