Italian Hypercar Company Mazzanti Automobili Raises Funds Through Digitization on REALTiZE

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Realtize, a U.S.-based regulated digital marketplace for digitized assets, has announced the launch of Mazzanti's security token offering (STO), on its global investment platform. Mazzanti Automobili is the first handcrafted HyperCar brand in the world to raise funds in the form of digital securities - and allow its worldwide investors to get a 20% yield via an STO. The Security Token Offering is just one of the business areas in which Realtize and Mazzanti will cooperate.

About Mazzanti

Mazzanti Automobili, established in 2002 by Luca Mazzanti, is a 100% made-in Italy racing and collector car manufacturer. After more than 20 years of research and development, of prototypes and exclusive one-off unique pieces sold in different countries of the world, the continuous (but always handmade) production of a limited number of Evantra Millecavalli specimens is now starting, the Hypercar already known and appreciated among passionate collectors, technicians, drivers, and major influencers in the automotive world.

So far, Mazzanti Automobili has produced about 15 cars, highly sought after by track lovers and collectors of unique pieces worldwide. The company targets a worldwide market for its products, especially in Europe, Asia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.

Jerry Li, CEO of Realtize, said, "We are glad to work together with Mazzanti Automobili, a company that has immediately recognized the potential of security tokens for business expansion and as an alternative investment. The MZZ token empower worldwide retail and professional investors to actively take part of Mazzanti Automobili growth."

The MZZ token

The MZZ token is issued by Mazzanti via Realtize STO platform and its U.S.-regulated funding campaign with digital asset issuing technology. The campaign will be active from the beginning of November until Jan. 1.

Realtize plans to raise, from worldwide investors, US$2.25M investment in the MZZ token. The investors will be entitled to get a 20% yield for a lock-in period of just eight months. Accredited investors on Realtize can purchase the MZZ token issued by Mazzanti, at US$1each, starting from a minimum investment of US$10,000. Mazzanti Automobili will spend the raised capital to speed the production of several Mazzanti preorders. Interested investors can visit the STO page at and download all the legal documents related to the Mazzanti fundraising.

About Realtize

REALTiZE > New digital asset issuing and fundraising platform

Realtize is building the next-generation digital investment platform helping traditional investors to participate in regulated digital asset investments. Realtize offers the simplicity of fundraising, cost-effectiveness, and access to capital markets-based finance without going to a bank or diluting heavily in front of a venture capital company. The company matches worldwide businesses seeking capital with worldwide investors seeking better and safe investment opportunities. 

There are several advantages in issuing compliant digital securities, such as asset transparency, easy tracking, safety, and a low threshold for investment participation. 

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Name: Jerry Li

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