SpaceDawgs Partners with SuperDoge to Provide Private On-Chain Self-Custody


Rochester, NY, Nov. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ‘SpaceDawgs' character to be included in the "SuperDoge — The NFT Animated Series."

SpaceDawgs Partners with SuperDoge to Provide Private On-Chain Self-Custody

Thursday, November 11th, 2021, SHERIDAN, WY — SpaceDawgs ($DAWGS)  has executed an agreement to deploy its DawgsWallet and SpaceCard hard wallets to the SuperDoge ($SUPDOG) community.  Upon completion of the DawgsWallet rollout, slated for Q1 2022, the SuperDoge community will be able to store their digital assets with private on-chain self-custody.  The SuperDoge community will also be eligible to obtain SpaceCard hard wallets for secure offline cold-key storage.

“As an inclusive project, offering wallet utility to its partners, it was a natural fit to partner with SpaceDawgs to offer their unique wallet technology to our community.  With the upcoming deployment of the SuperDoge NFT characters, we felt it was a priority to seek out and find the most secure and convenient wallet tech to enable our community to store their digital assets safely.  We look forward to the DawgsWallet rollout slated for early 2022!”, commented the SupeDoge lead contributor. 

As part of the agreement, SuperDoge has agreed to develop the ‘SpaceDawgs' character on an ongoing basis for their new animated series “SuperDoge — The NFT Animated Series.”  The series is slated to publish short animated videos that will increase in length over time.  “We are thrilled to be part of the new SuperDoge NFT Animated Series and believe this program blends the growing NFT metaverse with real world content creation and delivery.  As the NFT metaverse grows we believe the SuperDoge - NFT Animated Series is well positioned to bring more awareness and entertainment to the growing interest in NFTs and metaverses.  We are excited to have our SpaceDawg character be part of this new NFT animated series.” commented the SpaceDawgs lead contributor, Patrick Moynihan.    

About SpaceDawgs DAO LLC

SpaceDawgs DAO facilitates marketing, development, charity and community engagement features that enhance value for DAWGS holders, and provides a gateway for investors into decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. SpaceDawgs is set to release the DawgsWallet and DawgsCard in 2022, fusing fiat and crypto holdings for investors into one, easy to use, retail-ready payment and cold storage platform. The offerings will provide hot and cold storage capabilities for a variety of digital assets, including NFTs, enabling seeding of up to 600 different digital asset wallets. These releases will help DAWGS holders leapfrog the current crypto-card options, avoiding friction in fiat/crypto exchange and the high gas fees prevalent in today’s crypto market.

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About SuperDoge

SuperDoge The NFT Animated Series is a crypto comedy cartoon series featuring an Emmy nominated lead writer and team members who have worked on X-Men The Animated Series, Gargoyles, V.R. Troopers, Mummies Alive, Once Bitten, Flight Of The Navigator, Blockchain Heroes and more.

Since launching we have donated over 689 BNB ($433,000+) to charity, burned 8.86%of the total supply and have reached a market cap of over $13,000,000.

Join the adventure and grab a collectible NFT to join the DogePack. NFT holders gain access to the Doge House where they can vote on the direction of the story, qualify for airdrops and free NFTs, gain access to exclusive content, and more! 

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