Men’s Winter Coats Jackets For Extreme Cold Canada – Waterproof Parkas Launched

Montreal, Quebec-based Frank And Oak, retailers of sophisticated, sustainably made apparel, are announcing the launch of the Plateau winter coat, the newest addition to their 2021 men’s outerwear collection. The collection also includes waterproof parkas with hoods, fishtail parkas, and long parkas for men.

Montréal, Canada, Nov. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Canadian brand Frank And Oak is known for producing well-tailored apparel made from recycled fabrics and materials that are free of animal furs or feathers. The recent launch of their vintage-inspired men’s Plateau winter coat is an example of this design philosophy. Thoughtfully produced to protect against wet and blizzardy weather without compromising personal style, the Plateau winter coat is water-resistant, made from recycled polyester, and features a soft, 100% recycled Powerplume insulation instead of down.

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With a focus on producing long-lasting designs that express individual style without impacting the environment, Frank And Oak apparel prioritizes today’s conscientious consumers. The launch of their 2021 men’s Plateau winter coat complements a handsome line of sustainable outerwear while adding a touch of vintage flair.

The Plateau coat is versatile, sturdy, and heavy-duty. Designed to go with any style of pants and footwear, the parka is lightweight yet warm and water-resistant. The shell and lining are made from recycled polyester. The featherless Powerplume filling stays warm and dry, even in the rain.

A convenient waist adjustment feature accommodates an extra sweater or hoodie, and adjustable straps at the wrist keep the cold air out. With ribbed cuffs, side entry pockets, and three inside pockets, every little detail has been considered during the design and production of the Plateau parka.

Available for shipping all around the world, the men’s Plateau comes in Atlantic green, walnut, and black, in sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

The demands of daily living paired with personal style are what shape the Frank And Oak brand. The team designs products that are made to last and produced at the highest standards to deliver upscale style with minimal environmental impact.

The company is committed to selecting recycled fabrics, sustainable processes, and better shipping methods to reduce carbon emissions.

With the launch of their vintage-inspired, wind and water-resistant men’s Plateau winter coat, Frank And Oak are upholding a design tradition that speaks to an outdoor lifestyle while modeling mindful business practices that help preserve the environment.

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