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Health and Wellness Product Line Dedicated to Women’s Health

Boca Raton, Florida, UNITED STATES

PALM BEACH, FL, Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, a popular health, wellness, and beauty website, now carries SIREN Living dietary supplements for women.

“We are thrilled that will carry SIREN Living products in the U.S.,” said Steven Robinson, CEO and co-founder of JDS Wholesale Ltd., a health and wellness company based in the United Kingdom. “ is just one of many new retailers we hope will soon carry our product line."

Robinson said his co-founder, Jane Culbertson, developed SIREN Living products because existing products on the market didn’t understand the needs of women.

“Our dietary supplements address the health needs of women,” Culbertson said, adding that the company likes to say that “SIREN was created by women for women.”

SIREN Living dietary supplements on include:

● SIREN: Vitality & Wellness, which is a vegan-approved, all-natural dietary supplement that balances hormone levels, provides natural hormone support and helps reduce fatigue.

● SIREN: Hair, Skin & Nails, which contributes to firmer, more youthful-looking skin, is fortified with amino acids, collagen, biotin, and zinc. This supplement aids stronger, glossier hair, and longer, more enviable nails.

● SIREN: Summer Skin Plus, which provides a summer tan with minimal sun exposure, contains copper for normal skin pigmentation, vitamin C, iron, riboflavin, and selenium. This supplement boosts your body’s natural ability to tan.

SIREN products are gluten-free and contain 100 percent natural ingredients. SIREN: Vitality and Wellness is vegan, while SIREN: Summer Skin Plus is vegetarian-friendly., which offers a wide variety of the best products within the health, beauty, and wellness sectors, is a perfect match for SIREN Living.

“Just like SIREN Living, One Lavi believes that we have to be our healthiest to be our most beautiful,” Culbertson said. “We both believe we have to feel good in order to shine and look great.”

JDS Wholesale Ltd. also plans to introduce to American consumers its Man Plus product line, which includes Man Plus Health & Vitality, Man Plus Summer Skin Plus, and Man Plus Hair, Skin & Nails.

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SIREN Living Dietary Supplements Are Just for Women Supplements Just for Women Available Now on

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