United Language Group Launches Community Engagement Program

A culturally sound solution that provides access to quality healthcare for diverse communities

Minneapolis, Illinois, UNITED STATES

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- United Language Group is formally announcing their Community Engagement Program designed to help healthcare organizations serve their Limited English Proficiency (LEP) members and patients. Through community health workers, as well as enrollment and engagement specialists, this program supports organizations in their acquisition and retention of members and their healthcare journey.

LEP populations experience disparities in health care access and the availably of culturally appropriate services. In addition to low health literacy experienced by 44.9% of the LEP population, LEP members and patients also experience limited access to community-support services.

ULG’s Community Engagement program helps organizations provide culturally appropriate services to reach, engage, and improve the health of members and patients. “We’re really focused on supporting cultural hubs and creating a culturally-tailored community engagement program using education, awareness, support and care coordination,” says Kristen Giovanis, President at United Language Group.

Population health indicators and consumer health data are critical to designing programs that are tailored to the unique cultural landscape of each community. Each community engagement roll-out is designed by identifying the unique population health challenges within the community and tailoring a culturally and linguistically appropriate approach.

Dr. Abigail Katz, Executive Director of Health Outcomes Solutions for United Language Group, emphasizes that with a 3:1 return on investment, “Community engagement is one of the most promising evidence-based solutions proven to reduce health care costs. When tailored for culturally and linguistically diverse populations, these programs hold great promise for reducing disparities and driving community health improvement.”

With these initiatives, ULG is supporting organizations in their efforts to reduce readmissions, lower healthcare costs for members, enhance individualized in-language care, build trust, and improve overall health outcomes in local communities.

Learn more by visiting our Community Engagement Program landing page.



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