Drone Guarder, Inc New Chairman and CEO Issues Shareholder Letter with Upcoming Action Plan


November 16, 2021

TORRANCE, CA, Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Drone Guarder, Inc. “the company” (OTC: DRNG), @DroneGuarder, a drone technology company, combining the most technologically advanced unmanned aerial surveillance systems (UAV ‘Drone’), with revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (‘A.I’) technology, issues the following Shareholder Letter direct from Chairman and CEO, James Kennar.

Dear Shareholder,

At DNRG, our mission is to make global airspace open and accessible for companies and consumers. Drones have been continuously used in eCommerce for delivery purposes, construction for monitoring hazardous areas, agriculture for planting and maintaining crops, and the military. We will transform how businesses collect and manage drone data. DNRG is broadening its focus over time through a series of mergers and acquisitions through creating a platform that stretches beyond the military and agricultural space to a more end-to-end solution, with drones, and especially software and AI across several different applications. DNRG’s user-friendly platform makes it possible for companies of any size to improve their workflows through scalable image processing, data storage, and real-time sharable drone maps and 3D models. We're unifying the commercial drone industry under one roof by providing the platform to connect software developers, and hardware partners, with powerful tools to integrate aerial data into day-to-day operations.

For example, the agriculture drone market is predicted to be worth US$32.4 billion – an indication that the industry is beginning to recognize the benefits over more traditional methods, such as ground mapping. According to a report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the use of drones in the agriculture industry is steadily growing as part of an effective approach to sustainable agricultural management that allows agronomists, agricultural engineers, and farmers to help streamline their operations, using robust data analytics to gain effective insights into their crops. Crop monitoring, for example, is made easier by using drone data to accurately plan and make ongoing improvements, such as the use of ditches and evolving fertilizer applications. Products can be accurately traced from farm to fork using GPS locations for every point in the journey, rather than more traditional time and labor-intensive.

In continuing with our predecessor’s vision, former CEO, Frank I Igwealor, I’m excited to share DNRG’s Action Plan for the upcoming months:

  • Manufacture, Source and Distribute state-of-the-art premium Drones, Robotics and Ai products for business and residential security systems across the United States
  • Formulate benchmarks to consistently improve and augment the efficacy of the Drone technology.
  • Provide a foundation of education to our communities regarding the importance and unparalleled contribution that Drone Guarder’s technology could provide towards improving public safety.
  • Research and develop complementary security products utilizing Artificial Intelligence as a means to identify and expand into emerging marketplaces.
  • Maintain ongoing transparency with Shareholders through Social Media, regular Press Releases, and Shareholder conference calls.

The above action plan are just a few footnotes of where we are headed, and our future success will depend on key relationships, mergers and acquisitions and research and development; our pillars of this great company. I take this position to my shareholders’ seriously and I will do to the best of my ability make Drone Guarder a household name.

I humbly remain,

James Kennar

About CEO and Chairman, James Kennar 

Mr. Kennar is a U.S. veteran that proudly served in the United States Air Force. He attended the University of South Carolina and Chapman University where he majored in Computer Science. He is also a Vice President at Windstar Motors, Inc., an auto manufacturing company building zero emission compressed air vehicles.

About Drone Guarder, Inc

Drone Guarder, Inc. (OTC: DRNG), is a dedicated safety and security surveillance company committed to maximizing personal security through utilizing the most technologically advanced systems in the unmanned aerial surveillance market. Drone Guarder’s products utilize fully integrated sonar mapping programs that work in tandem with stationery sensory technology, delivering the most robust aerial security system network to-date. The system is equipped with state-of-the-art transmission receptors that allow for rapid communication between the Drone and its users. The complete security array can be navigated and controlled through a secure terminal that can be conveniently accessed through the Drone Guarder App, which is currently in development. Drone Guarder is committed to expanding its technology into new sectors in order to capitalize on emerging markets.

Notice Regarding Forward Looking Statements

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