EUNORAU EBike Is Going To Launch SPECTER-S In Coming Months

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EUNORAU, the manufacturer of electric bikes is blazing a new trail for both its customers and its affiliates. The Spectre-S is the new flagship electric bike, building to rocket up rough terrain and bomb down with equal grace. This is the company’s first foray into a new segment of the industry. There is a lot of improvement to be had, but this solid freshman entry should catch the eye of the varsity team.

The Specter-S has a Bafang M620 1,000 watt mid-drive motor (Quietkat/Backou/Rambo Bikes use that motor too,but with a much much higher price and Quietkat/Backou/Rambo Bikes use that motor too,but with a much much higher price) with 160 Newton meters of torque, which can bring this ride up to a breakneck top speed of 35 mph. This motor is truly nothing short of incredible, and it is just so much fun. And because it’s a mid-drive, it’s able to leverage the gearing of the bike for maximum torque. If customers are looking for an absolute beast of a hill crusher, this is it!

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Eunorau is a manufacturer that offers a range of affordable electric bikes and bike accessories. Customers can adopt a current bike or get one of its specialized models. Its fat tire bike is designed to provide a comfortable, sturdy ride in a variety of terrains and conditions. The bikes are designed with a mix of comfort and usability in mind. The step-through ebike design allows riders a more upright riding position and is easy to mount and dismount. While the heavier design of a step-through frame might be a disadvantage in a purely person-powered bicycle, with an electric boost, the extra weight is less of a problem. The mid-drive ebike design provides greater performance because it drives the crank, which increases torque.

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