Our Solution to Canada’s Workforce Shortages: Digitalization…and ROBOTS!

Richmond Hill, Ontario, CANADA

Toronto, Nov. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As retail stores, restaurants and food delivery services in Toronto and most other cities across Canada struggle to hire enough staff, Ontario based and founded company SNAPPY is rolling out a series of digital solutions – including ROBOTS!

Teaming up with technology innovators like Tiny Mile, SNAPPY is cutting service fees by providing digital solutions, including using robot technology, which can make food delivery up to 10X cheaper.

Our little pink friends safely role through downtown Toronto with ease, delivering food, drinks and even retail products to waiting customers.

Robots are just one of our innovative and cost saving restaurant solutions. Snappy empowers restaurants to: accept orders from anywhere, including Google's latest product Order with Google, digitize their services and become independent from food delivery platforms/apps.

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About Snappy:

We’re a team of foodies who’ve come together from across Canada to bring innovative technology to restaurants. Restaurants choose Snappy for our products, but they stay because of the service we provide. 

We are a restaurant’s technology partner. We’re invested in their success, implement features based on their feedback, and go the extra mile to provide the same degree of service as restaurants provide to their customers.

As a digital-first and fast-growing company, we put complete trust in our team members to be leaders in their roles. We anticipate industry trends, love to test new ideas, and provide career development opportunities for our people to grow with us and support our mission to empower restaurant owners to adapt and thrive in any market condition—now and in the future.

‍At Snappy, we strive to push the industry forward, so restaurants can keep customers happy and their bellies full.

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