George Sharp Returns to HUMBL As Capital Markets Advisor

San Diego, CA, Nov. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HUMBL, Inc. (OTCMKT: HMBL), announced today that it has once again retained the consulting services of George Sharp as Capital Markets Advisor. Mr. Sharp will shepherd HUMBL through an imminent application with OTC Markets for an advancement to the OTCQB tier and then towards an application to the NASDAQ Stock Market. In furtherance of these milestones, the company will file audited financials with the SEC beginning with the yearend statement for 2021.

HUMBL President and CEO, Brian Foote remarked, “Once we agreed that an uplist of the company’s stock was in everybody’s best interest, the consensus of HUMBL management was that it was important to ask George to shepherd us through the process. His microcap savvy, which we value greatly, enabled us to bring about one of the most followed reverse mergers in OTC Markets history. Now HUMBL is prepared to take the necessary next steps to expand on that success.”

George Sharp commented, “Although I count many accomplishments among my efforts to legitimize the OTC Markets, working with management to bring HUMBL to the public was undoubtedly my crowning achievement. This is in large part due to the integrity and boundless energy of Brian Foote. I am eager to assist HUMBL move forward with its agenda and am excited about what HUMBL as an operation has in store.”

Mr. Foote continued, “A NASDAQ listing will not be achieved in the short term and is by no means assured. There are many steps to contemplate, and we will provide updates only when appropriate. However, we do believe that this endeavor will enable new groups of investors to consider HUMBL, whom would otherwise not be able to invest in the company or its stock. We therefore ask our HUMBL shareholders to be patient and assured that we are working hard to bring additional value to them.”

About George Sharp

Drawing from his experiences as a litigant, investigator and forensic researcher, George Sharp consults with attorneys and publicly-traded companies seeking to protect investors and bring value to shareholders. He has been referenced in the television and print media for his efforts to combat microcap fraud. Mr. Sharp is also on the management team of several public companies, including Forwardly, Inc.

About HUMBL, Inc.

HUMBL is a consumer blockchain company working to simplify blockchain use cases across verticals like mobile payments, ticketing, NFTs and real estate.

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