$GREED will Launch VALOR COIN with UFC & WWE Legend, Ken Shamrock as the first Project on the Greed Launchpad

UFC & WWE Legend, Ken Shamrock’s VALOR COIN is the first Project on the GREED Launchpad 11/19. Then Pi Protocol which includes yield farming for NFTs on NFT aggregator Vaults Presale is on 11/20.

Miami, Florida, Nov. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Greed has just entered into a strategic partnership with VALOR COIN. WWE Legend, UFC Champ and MMA Pioneer, Ken Shamrock, AKA, "The World's Most Dangerous Man," is the FIRST to launch a crypto project into the fight world, to fund and showcase fighters with NFT’s straight into the Metaverse. Valor is anchored by VBK, Valor Bare Knuckle and was created by a fighter for the fighters to rival the UFC. Valor Sports was created not just to support fighters, but all athletes and there are already projects in the works with famous athletes from all different sports. Greed is Spearheaded by Greed Music with Grammy Award winning producers, Cool & Dre so this partnership allows Geed & Valor to cover all aspects of the crypto world for all the top recording artists and athletes worldwide.

$GREED will Launch VALOR COIN with UFC & WWE Legend, Ken Shamrock as the first Project on the Greed Launchpad

The Greed Ecosystem encompasses many crypto utilities on multichain platforms with launchpads, swaps, staking, farms, the metaverse and an NFT marketplace that are all synergistic. The ecosystem will be launched across the 4 major chains noted above: Binance, Polygon, Cardano, and Ethereum allowing the project to benefit from the strengths of each and not be confined to one. Additionally, the ecosystem and its contracts are designed in such a manner that functionality can be enhanced, added, and expanded to include the incorporation of additional blockchains and crypto partner projects. The Greed Music 6 land estate can be found at coordinates 47,-41 and the Greed Ecosystem 9 land estate at 40,-49. Building out Greed Music with the music studio, club and concert area is the first priority and will be completed Q1 2022 so you can see your favorite recording artists working live in the studio. Maybe you’ll see the next Valor Bare Knuckle Fight in the Greed Arena in Decentraland?

Valor will release the white list portion of their private sale today, November 19th on the Greed Launchpad then open to the public in a few days. The presale is scheduled for Saturday December 11th followed by the launch on Greed$wap Sunday December 12th. Follow the Valor Telegram to stay up to date. The Greed Launchpad has a busy weekend with Pi Protocol presale tomorrow Saturday November 20th starting at 3:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM UTC. PI is a Defi project built on BSC, that includes yield farming for NFTs on NFT aggregator Vaults, extended by a price floor sweeper mechanic. Wrap your LPs to a token Wrapper, which is an NFT called Circle. This Circle will be the entry Token for the NFT Vaults, as well as all others whitelisted Partner NFT's. Circles are collateral NFT's within the PI Ecosystem. This Video will better illustrate the Pi Protocol , but to stay fully up to date and get 24 hour assistance please join the Pi Protocol Telegram. Pi will be launching on PancakeSwap Monday November 22nd.

“Greed has a Private$ale & Pre$ale Launchpad, but I want to be clear in letting the crypto world know that we are not offering these services to anyone who wants to launch a coin. We will only allow fully doxxed teams with what feel are high quality projects to utilize our services. I will only allow projects to be launched by GREED that I will personally put my money in because I believe they are long term projects with value that will continue to grow their value for investors.” – Peter Parente aka Captain Awesome, Greed’s lead developer.

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