Tree Service Houston Invites Homeowners to Take Care of Trees Before Winter

Tree Service Houston TX focuses on autumn tree services this season to ensure the good health and protection of trees during winter - the safety of people too.

HOUSTON, Nov. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Houston-located tree service company announces its full commitment to the local residents now that trees must be well taken care of before the cold days arrive for both their shake and the avoidance of storm-related mishaps. Tree Service Houston announced the company's full focus on autumn preventive tree maintenance to keep landscapes well protected during winter and ready to thrive when spring comes. As the CEO of the company, Michael Creighton, said, there's a need for all-year tree services, but spring and autumn are the two most important seasons since they prepare trees for extreme temperatures.

"Let's not forget that trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers - everything found in every home's landscape, is a living organism. And so, there's a need for constant care. Now, the secret to good gardening is to know what to do and when to do it, always based on the trees and the location. We come forward to ask homeowners to service trees because autumn is one of the most significant seasons when it comes to tree caring. With a heavy winter following, the trees must be fully prepared to withstand the harshness of the coldest season and all that comes with it," Creighton explained.

Depending on the tree type, the shrub, the climate, the location, the moisture levels, tree services may differ. Since the overall intention is to prepare nature around the home and protect it from the bad weather, the services usually include mulching, fertilization, cleanup.

"Out there, in their natural environment, like forests, trees survive due to the rich soil. In urban environments, where everything is controlled, we need to make sure the trees have enough nutrients to go through winter. Since there's snow and rain in winter - hence, sufficient moisture, there isn't a need for irrigation. At least not in the extent needed during the hot months. And then, all these gorgeous golden-yellow leaves that fall from the trees during autumn must be racked and collected because if left in the garden, they will prevent aeration. Also, mold may build up due to the increased moisture. These are things we like to prevent from happening - hence, the reason for reminding residents that this is one of the best months to book tree service. And we do it out loud because we - as all other tree service companies - are extremely busy this season."

As an experienced arborist, Creighton said that the benefits of preventive tree maintenance in late autumn are not limited to preparing the home's landscape for winter and protecting trees. It's also a matter of safety.

"While tree pruning is not usually done in the fall, sometimes it's necessary. That's when the trees are sick or extensively damaged. What's often needed is some tree trimming. This becomes particularly important when the tree branches may become a hazard. Truly long and weak branches, sick branches, branches that have reached the house - often the roof or windows, are best off trimmed. These limbs may cause accidents or serious property damage during a storm. Or they may be seriously wounded themselves. In some cases, long limbs need some support with braces in order to remain intact and survive the wrath of winter. As I've said already, there's a lot to be done in fall. Of course, it always depends on the yard, the types of the trees, the current health of the trees, and other variables but some good care all trees need it."

As Creighton advocated after years of experience as an arborist, autumn preventive tree services are excellent for the good health of the trees, their good protection during winter, their thrive in the spring, and the peace of mind of the homeowners. But you really need to see what your specific needs are.

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