Global Plastic Compounds Market (2021 to 2028) - Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report


Dublin, Nov. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Plastic Compounds Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Resin (PP, PE), By Technology (Injection Molding, Extrusion), By Filler (Unfilled, Calcium Carbonate-filled), By End Use, By Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2021 - 2028" report has been added to's offering.

The global plastic compounds market size is expected to reach USD 98.65 billion by 2028. It is projected to expand at a CAGR of 5.1% over the forecast period.

The market is estimated to be driven by packaging applications across the globe. The product demand in the packaging industry is driven by high consumerism in major economies, such as China, India, Germany, the U.S., and Brazil. Various regulatory bodies have stipulated guidelines regarding packaging materials in food contact applications. Polypropylene (PP) compounds offer a cost-effective packaging solution and help enhance impact strength, flexibility, clarity, and process efficiency. High demand for Polyethylene (PE) in the packaging industry has majorly contributed to the growth of the packaging end-use segment.

The global COVID-19 pandemic moderately affected the product demand in packaging application in 2020. The demand for packaging for healthcare products, food products, groceries, and e-commerce transportation increased sharply, while the demand for luxury, industrial, and some B2B transport packaging witnessed decline owing to the slowdown and halt in industrial operations. The recommencing industrial operation is expected to positively influence the demand in industrial, and B2B transport packaging in the coming years.

The glass fiber reinforce filler segment is estimated to witness significant growth over the forecast period as these compounds are widely used in building & construction applications. Moreover, they are used to construct domes, fountains, columns, planters, panels, sculptures, facade, roofs, and various other construction components. Components produced using glass fiber reinforced plastics have one-fourth of the weight of steel with similar tensile and compressive strength. Thus, the growth of the building & construction activities across the globe is likely to drive the segment over the forecast period. Glass fiber reinforced plastic is also used for manufacturing boats, which requires water resistance to prevent corrosion and improve the service life of boats.

Plastic Compounds Market Report Highlights

  • In terms of revenue, the automotive end-use segment accounted for the largest revenue share of the global market in 2020 and is expected to witness prominent growth over the forecast period
  • Asia Pacific was the dominant regional market in 2020 owing to the growing demand for automobiles in the region coupled with favorable FDI norms by various governments encouraging the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs)
  • Strategic partnerships, capacity expansions, and new product developments are popular strategies adopted by a majority of players operating in this market
  • For instance, in January 2021, Eurostar Engineering Plastics was acquired by Ascend Performance Materials, a Houston-based manufacturer of polyamide 66 resin
  • This acquisition helped both the companies to expand their compounding product market globally

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter 1. Methodology and Scope

Chapter 2. Executive Summary

Chapter 3. Plastic Compounds Market Variables, Trends, and Scope
3.1 Plastic Compounds Market Segmentation & Scope
3.2 Market Lineage Outlook
3.2.1 Plastic Compounding Market Outlook
3.3 Penetration & Growth Prospect Mapping
3.4 Industry Value Chain Analysis
3.4.1 Raw Material Trends
3.5 Regulatory Framework
3.5.1 Standard & Compliances Polyethylene (Pe) Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (Abs) Polystyrene (Ps)
3.5.2 Safety Polyethylene Compound Polypropylene Compound
3.6 Market Dynamics
3.6.1 Market Driver Analysis Increasing Demand from Food & Beverage Packaging Application Rising Demand from Automotive Industry Increasing Demand from Food & Beverage Packaging Application Rising Demand from Automotive Industry
3.6.2 Market Restraint Analysis Volatile Raw Material Prices
3.6.3 Market Opportunity
3.7 Business Environment Analysis: Plastic Compounds Market
3.7.1 Porter's Five Forces Analysis
3.7.2 PESTEL Analysis

Chapter 4. Plastic Compounds Market: Resin Estimates & Analysis
4.1 Plastic Compounds Market: Resin Movement Analysis & Market Share, 2020 & 2028
4.2 Polypropylene (Pp)
4.2.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Polypropylene (Pp), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.3 Polyethylene (Pe)
4.3.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Polyethylene (Pe), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.4 Thermoplastic Elastomer (Tpe)
4.4.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Thermoplastic Elastomer (Tpe), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.4.2 Thermoplastic Styrenic Elastomers (Tps) (Saturated and Unsaturated) Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Tps, 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.4.3 Thermoplastic Polyolefins (Tpo) Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Thermoplastic Polyolefins (Tpo), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.4.4 Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (Tpv) Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (Tpv), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.5 Polystyrene (Ps)
4.5.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Polystyrene (Ps), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.6 Polybutylene Terephthalate (Pbt)
4.6.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Polybutylene Terephthalate (Pbt), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.7 Polyamide (Pa)
4.7.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Polyamide (Pa), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.8 Polycarbonate (Pc)
4.8.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Polycarbonate (Pc), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.9 Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (Abs)
4.9.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (Abs), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.10 Bioplastic (Excluding Pbt)
4.10.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Bioplastic (Excluding Pbt), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.11 Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (Asa)
4.11.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (Asa), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.12 Styrene Acrylonitrile (San)
4.12.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Styrene Acrylonitrile (San), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.13 Polymethyl Methacrylate (Pmma)
4.13.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Polymethyl Methacrylate (Pmma), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.14 Polyoxymethylene (Pom)
4.14.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Polyoxymethylene (Pom), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
4.15 Blends (Pc/Abs, Abs/Pbt, Ps/Pp)
4.15.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, in Blends (Pc/Abs, Abs/Pbt, Ps/Pp), 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)

Chapter 5. Plastic Compounds Market: Technology Estimates & Analysis
5.1 Plastic Compounds Market: Technology Movement Analysis & Market Share, 2020 & 2028
5.2 Injection Molding
5.2.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, by Injection Molding, 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
5.3 Extrusion
5.3.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, by Extrusion, 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
5.4 Blow Molding
5.4.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, by Blow Molding, 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)
5.5 Others
5.5.1 Plastic Compounds Market Estimates and Forecasts, by Others, 2017 - 2028 (Kilotons) (USD Million)

Chapter 6. Plastic Compounds Market: Filler Estimates & Analysis

Chapter 7. Plastic Compounds Market: End-Use Estimates & Trend Analysis

Chapter 8. Plastic Compounds Market: Regional Estimates & Trend Analysis

Chapter 9. Competitive Analysis
9.1 Key Global Players Along with the Recent Developments & Their Impact on the Industry
9.2 Key Company/Competition Categorization
9.3 Vendor Landscape
9.3.1 Key Potential Customers/End-Users
9.5 Public Companies & Private Companies
9.6 Key Companies Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak
9.7 Company Market Position Analysis
Chapter 10 Company Profiles
10.1 Adell Plastics
10.1.1 Company Overview
10.1.2 Product Benchmarking
10.2 Asahi Kasei Corporation
10.2.1 Company Overview
10.2.2 Financial Performance
10.2.3 Product Benchmarking
10.3 Basf Se
10.3.1 Company Overview
10.3.2 Financial Performance
10.3.3 Product Benchmarking
10.3.4 Strategic Initiatives
10.4 Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC
10.4.1 Company Overview
10.4.2 Financial Performance
10.4.3 Product Benchmarking
10.4.4 Strategic Initiatives
10.5 China Xd Plastics, Co., Ltd.
10.5.1 Company Overview
10.5.2 Financial Performance
10.5.3 Product Benchmarking
10.6 Covestro Ag
10.6.1 Company Overview
10.6.2 Financial Performance
10.6.3 Product Benchmarking
10.6.4 Strategic Initiatives
10.7 Dow Inc.
10.7.1 Company Overview
10.7.2 Financial Performance
10.7.3 Product Benchmarking
10.7.4 Strategic Initiatives
10.8 Dupont
10.8.1 Company Overview
10.8.2 Financial Performance
10.8.3 Product Benchmarking
10.8.4 Strategic Initiatives
10.9 Qingdao Gon Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
10.9.1 Company Overview
10.9.2 Product Benchmarking
10.10 Eurostar Engineering Plastics
10.10.1 Company Overview
10.10.2 Product Benchmarking
10.11 Flex Technologies, Inc.
10.11.1 Company Overview
10.11.2 Product Benchmarking
10.12 Foster Corporation
10.12.1 Company Overview
10.12.2 Product Benchmarking
10.13 Heritage Plastics, Inc.
10.13.1 Company Overview
10.13.2 Product Benchmarking
10.14 Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd.
10.14.1 Company Overview
10.14.2 Product Benchmarking
10.15 Kraton Corporation
10.15.1 Company Overview
10.15.2 Financial Performance
10.15.3 Product Benchmarking
10.16 Kuraray Co., Ltd.
10.16.1 Company Overview
10.16.2 Financial Performance
10.16.3 Product Benchmarking
10.16.4 Strategic Initiatives
10.17 Lanxess
10.17.1 Company Overview
10.17.2 Financial Performance
10.17.3 Product Benchmarking
10.17.4 Strategic Initiatives
10.18 Borealis Ag
10.18.1 Company Overview
10.18.2 Financial Performance
10.18.3 Product Benchmarking
10.19 Lyondellbasell Industries Holdings B.V.
10.19.1 Company Overview
10.19.2 Financial Performance
10.19.3 Product Benchmarking
10.19.4 Strategic Initiatives
10.20 Mrc Polymers, Inc.
10.20.1 Company Overview
10.20.2 Product Benchmarking
10.21 Nova Polymers, Inc.
10.21.1 Company Overview
10.21.2 Product Benchmarking
10.22 Polyvisions, Inc.
10.22.1 Company Overview
10.22.2 Product Benchmarking
10.23 Ravago
10.23.1 Company Overview
10.23.2 Product Benchmarking
10.24 Rtp Company
10.24.1 Company Overview
10.24.2 Product Benchmarking
10.25 Aurora Plastics LLC
10.25.1 Company Overview
10.25.2 Product Benchmarking
10.26 Sabic
10.26.1 Company Overview
10.26.2 Financial Performance
10.26.3 Product Benchmarking
10.26.4 Strategic Initiatives
10.27 Sirmax S.P.A.
10.27.1 Company Overview
10.27.2 Product Benchmarking
10.28 So.F.Ter Group
10.28.1 Company Overview
10.28.2 Product Benchmarking
10.29 Cgpc Corporation
10.29.1 Company Overview
10.29.2 Financial Performance
10.29.3 Product Benchmarking
10.30 Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.
10.30.1 Company Overview
10.30.2 Financial Performance
10.30.3 Product Benchmarking
10.31 Teijin Limited
10.31.1 Company Overview
10.31.2 Financial Performance
10.31.3 Product Benchmarking
10.31.4 Strategic Initiatives
10.32 Washington Penn
10.32.1 Company Overview
10.32.2 Product Benchmarking

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