Prominent European University Validates “Global Warming Solutions” Revolutionary and Patented “Sodium Battery Technology”

Jacksonville, Florida, UNITED STATES

Temecula, CA, Nov. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Warming Solutions, Inc., (OTC MARKETS: “GWSO”), a worldwide developer of technologies that help mitigate Global Warming and its effects on the planet announces that a Prominent European University’s Department of Chemistry has successfully conducted a Third-Party Testing & Analysis of the Technology surrounding “GWSO’s hybrid hydrogen production system.” This system includes high-energy Sodium battery and hydrogen system which can generate hydrogen during electrolysis and then can generate energy as a fuel cell.

“The voltage across the sodium battery 40 Ohm load was 3 Volts per cell. The test has been contacted with one cell and with batteries with voltage 12 Volts. Scientifically, the results of the measurements during the charge/discharge of the system showed good stability of the operating parameters and high efficiency in a wide range of operating temperatures. After the battery charge and the following system storage for 7 days, the self-discharge was not been observed, and the parameters of the system did not change. The energy efficiency during the charge/discharge process of the sodium battery was about 90%, which confirms the benefits of this hybrid system.”, said Artem Madatov, GWSO’s Chief Scientific Officer.

“Now that our Sodium Battery Technology has been verified by a Third Party, in this case, a prominent European University, we can proceed with the next steps necessary towards the eventual commercialization of our revolutionary technology. GWSO’s innovative hybrid system is suitable for the accumulation and storage of energy onboard a vehicle. About half of the stored energy is released in the form of hydrogen, and the other half in the form of an electrical current. The battery can be charged from a DC power source. The battery charge rate is approximately equal to the maximum battery discharge rate. Therefore, our development of a hybrid electrochemical system is now even more promising than before.”, commented Michael Pollastro, President of GWSO.

“The synergistic effect of our hybrid system is due to the combination of innovative high energy sodium battery and hybrid system, which can operate both as a battery and as a fuel cell. This opens new horizons for the future generations of renewable energy sources.”, added Prof. Elena Shembel, Board Member of Global Warming Solutions.

Climate Change just continues to get worse. The Climate Power Education Fund on Friday alone reported that 94,551 acres across California, Montana, Nebraska, and South Dakota, have been burned by 7 large active wildfires. The main Texas power grid had a good chance of a 37% power shortfall in extreme conditions. Hurricane IDA caused the loss of 106 square miles of wetlands. The consensus amongst experts is this is all due to climate change.    

Michael Pollastro further added, “We have a clear and concise plan in place to commercialize our Technology and will be making many announcements going forward about each step we successfully take. For example, the Battery Prototype is already on its way to our company headquarters where it will be introduced to media and the investment community all over the world.”

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Michael Pollastro

President, Chairman of the Board
Global Warming Solutions, Inc.