PSYC Begins Monetizing Psychedelic Spotlight Through Launch of PSYC Media Services


PSYC Aims to Become Premiere Media Services Provider for Medicinal Psychedelics Industry

LAKE OSWEGO,OR, Nov. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Trac Solutions, Inc. (OTCPink: PSYC) (“Global” “PSYC” or the “Company”) a leading publicly traded digital media company within the emerging sector of medicinal psychedelics, is pleased to announce the Company’s recent launch of PSYC Media Services, which offers a variety of paid media-driven service offerings designed specifically for the growing number of companies operating within the emerging medicinal psychedelics industry.

Fueled by the significant media presence PSYC has established for Psychedelic Spotlight throughout the industry, and which the Company believes is best highlighted by the more than 600K page views the site is generating each month, along with its top ranking on Google for “psychedelic news”, PSYC has begun dedicating more of its internal resources towards the expansion and solicitation of its growing suite of media service offerings.

And following the announcement of the initial launch of its paid media services in July, the Company contends it has been successful in executing media service agreements with multiple companies across the medicinal psychedelics industry such as Cybin, MindSet Pharma, and PsyBio Therapeutics to list a few. And according to the Company, their success in delivering and executing these services in recent months has played an integral role in helping them develop the framework for PSYC Media Services and developing what the Company believes is an effective action plan to maximize monetization opportunities across its Psychedelic Spotlight platform.

“Our ability to create any kind of revenue stream through Psychedelic Spotlight was, in my opinion, always dependent upon demonstrating its true value potential,” said Global Trac Solutions, Inc. CEO, David Flores. “Now that it boasts one of the most dedicated and impressive followings in the industry, coupled with the sensational content we have produced over the last year, I believe we have more than proven the value of it and have positioned it as such where we can most effectively begin tapping into its monetization capabilities. And just as we have earned our success in evolving Psychedelic Spotlight into the premiere news source for the medicinal psychedelics industry, I fully intend for us to establish PSYC Media Services as the premiere media services provider for our industry.”

To learn more about PSYC Media Services, please visit the site, or view the promotional video here.

About Global Trac Solutions, Inc. (OTCPink: PSYC)

At Global Trac Solutions we are integrating media, creativity, and technology to develop and deploy thought-provoking ideas and solutions that are fostering and transforming the approach to some of society’s most pressing matters.

PSYC has expressed its intent and commitment to positioning itself at the forefront of the psychedelic revolution and as a resource center for discovering and understanding the latest research and business opportunities surrounding psychedelic inspired medicines. In conjunction with the FDA’s more open-minded approach to psychedelic medicines, and as several major U.S. cities continue to approve the decriminalization of psilocybin, we believe investors are speculating that the psychedelic boom could be bigger than that of cannabis. PSYC is your source for current investment related news specific to psychedelic medicines and cutting-edge research improving overall health, moving this sector into the mainstream.

We are dedicated to a forward-thinking approach that embraces groundbreaking new technology and innovations and through the vision of business development we intend to continue to evolve into these unchartered territories as the industry leaders of the future. We contend that we are truly the right TRAC to follow.

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