OliX Pharmaceuticals Subsidiary mCureX Strengthens Scientific Advisory Board with Appointment of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics and Immunology Specialist Dr. Gunther Hartmann

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SUWON, Republic of Korea, Nov. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OliX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (KOSDAQ: 226950), a leading developer of RNAi therapeutics, today announced the appointment of Dr. Gunther Hartmann to the Scientific Advisory Board of mCureX Therapeutics, a subsidiary of OliX specializing in mRNA vaccines and therapeutics.

Dr. Hartmann is a leading authority on nucleic acid therapeutics and immunology with over 20 years of experience. Most recently, he served as Director of the Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology with Central Laboratory at the University Hospital of Bonn in Germany. He was previously Professor and Head of the Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology Research Center at the University Hospital of Bonn. Dr. Hartmann also served as President of the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society (OTS), a leading global society dedicated to advancing research and development of oligonucleotides therapeutics, and Research Director at the University Hospital of Bonn. In 2014, Dr. Hartmann founded Rigontec GmbH, an RNA-based immunotherapy development company, acquired by Merck in 2017.

“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Hartmann to our Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Hartmann brings deep expertise and know-how in the research and development of nucleic acid therapeutics and the field of immunology more broadly and we are pleased to work with him to accelerate the research and development of our pipeline of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics,” said Sun Woo Hong, Ph.D., chief executive officer of mCureX.

Dr. Hartmann received his Ph.D. from the University of Ulm in Germany, completing postdoctoral studies at the University of Iowa, where he studied nucleic acid therapeutics, immune responses, and RNA interference technology in cancers and infectious diseases.

About OliX Pharmaceuticals

OliX Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing therapeutics against a variety of disorders by down-regulating expression of disease-causing genes based on its own proprietary RNAi technology. The Company’s core RNAi platform, asymmetric siRNA (asiRNA), is a unique gene silencing technology based on RNA interference (RNAi), which is considered the most efficient gene silencing technology. Utilizing this proprietary asiRNA technology, OliX has developed cell penetrating asiRNA (cp-asiRNA), a therapeutic RNAi platform to effectively target diseases locally, such as hypertrophic scarring, dry and wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD), subretinal fibrosis, and neuropathic pain. OliX has also developed another therapeutic RNAi platform, GalNAc-asiRNA, to target a variety of liver diseases.

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