Quix Delivers Platform to Accelerate Live Data-Driven Products

An online integrated development environment (IDE) and new connectors to live data streams ensure flawless performance in real-world production environments


LONDON, Dec. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Data stream processing platform Quix today announced the first online integrated development environment (IDE) for live data-driven products. With built-in connectors to live data streams such as currency markets, Twitter and AWS Kinesis, Quix's platform radically accelerates development time.

The technology transfer from Formula One, where Quix founders originated data stream processing capabilities, helps developers write and test code on real-world data sets that mirror production, without breaking production environments.

"Organizations with high-value streaming data recognize that this cutting-edge technology can be breakable, so they're reluctant to give people access," said Michael Rosam, CEO and co-founder of Quix. "But this undermines their ability to extract value from live data. We've created a platform that lets anyone — data teams, product teams and business units — access real-time data. They build with it more easily, iterate rapidly, and do it all without jeopardizing mission-critical production."

The new Quix platform accelerates time to market for data-driven products by:

  • Offering an IDE for Python with Git, Pip and autocomplete
  • Handling all setup, including broker configuration, security and encryption
  • Offering pre-built connectors to streaming data sources, including Confluent Kafka, AWS Kinesis and Google Pub/Sub
  • Providing a cloud-based environment to run and test code against live data within the IDE, instead of deploying it to a staging environment
  • Giving developers self-service access to real data, and
  • Enabling integration to any system with live and historic data APIs.

"We took into account all of the major hurdles development teams face when working with streaming data," said Tomas Neubauer, CTO and co-founder of Quix. "Quix eliminates the complexity and hassle associated with stream processing. Our latest release enables you to seamlessly develop, test and run code in our IDE, without having to deploy it to your company's staging or production environments."

Message brokers are gaining rapid adoption in companies across every industry. However, access to this infrastructure is often hampered by IT silos. In some cases, live data is "dumped" into a data lake, where its value rapidly declines.

"Quix offers a simple, intuitive interface into the complex world of stream processing," said Rosam. "Quix is doing for the Kafka message broker what DBT did for the data warehouse."

Learn more about Quix's new online IDE in this in-depth technical blog post.

About Quix
Quix brings the power of stream processing to data scientists, developers and product teams. With Quix, organizations can go to market faster, integrate ML and AI, and avoid the massive costs of data infrastructure.

Founded in the UK by Formula One engineers with deep streaming data experience, Quix's platform is trusted by developers at McLaren, Deloitte, the National Health Service (UK), and across industries including manufacturing, financial services, gaming, and automotive. For a free trial and to learn more, visit https://quix.ai

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