OpenBots Acquires araZach Healthcare-Salesforce Solutions Provider

OB takes the zero-bot license revolution to the healthcare and life sciences industries through a significant acquisition.

Edison, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

EDISON, N.J., Dec. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OB takes the zero-bot license revolution to the healthcare and life sciences industries through a significant acquisition. 

OpenBots, Inc. (OB), the world's leading zero-friction RPA and workflow automation platform, announces its acquisition of araZach LLC, a healthcare, life sciences, and Salesforce solutions provider. The acquisition enhances OpenBot's capabilities to accelerate the zero-bot license revolution within these ecosystems.

araZach started as a Salesforce consultancy with expertise in healthcare and life sciences. The araZach team has been solving "interoperability" problems within the healthcare industry using the OpenBots RPA platform extensively to build up its botConnector solution.  

"Healthcare companies need their data to be interoperable throughout all their systems, across the continuum of care," said Shahzad Khokar, araZach founder and CEO.

The OpenBots platform unlocks high-impact clinical, operational data and insights from EHRs/EMRs, while seamlessly integrating into Salesforce and other applications.

"With the full power of the OpenBots world-class automation platform behind us, we have a tremendous opportunity to realize our vision of democratizing and scaling the adoption of RPA," said Khokar. "Together, OpenBots and araZach will accelerate our customers' transformations into the age of automation, enabling them to grow their RPA programs more profitably," he continued.  

The zero-bot license model allows any business or solutions provider to unshackle them from costly "pay per bot" licenses and only pay for orchestration using the OpenBots Cloud Server.

"The healthcare industry has always been a prime candidate for automation. OpenBots helps customers to overcome their challenges with EHR and legacy systems using our platform. We think it is time to offer that to the entire industry," said Ashish Nangla, Co-founder and CTO of OpenBots Inc. 

"We built the OpenBots platform keeping in mind the specific requirements of the healthcare industry, including privacy, confidentiality, and security requirements," Nangla continued.

OpenBots has been on a mission to democratize RPA and is the only comprehensive RPA and workflow automation platform with a "zero-friction" approach. Its streamlined self-service allows users to sign up and download OpenBots Studio at no cost without dealing with a salesperson.

Users can then orchestrate their bots instantly on Cloud Server. For organizations where cloud adoption is a challenge due to enterprise security issues, OpenBots offers on-prem orchestration solutions with OpenBots Server.

The RPA platform offers free online training and customer support plans to help organizations of all sizes scale their RPA programs.

For more information on the OpenBots platform, request an automation consultation, or visit us at 

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Image 1: Shahzad Khokar, araZach founder and CEO, with the OB team

OpenBots enters the healthcare and life sciences industries through significant acquisition.

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Shahzad Khokar, araZach founder and CEO, with the OB team