Manjy Sidoo Donates $20,000 to East End Boys Club

Vancouver, Dec. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The East End Boys Club in Vancouver helps out boys from ages 13-25. Support is provided for all, opening up new opportunities to succeed in academics, trade learning, social skills, and more. The goal is to play an active role in creating the future leaders of tomorrow. The club accepts young adults from all different backgrounds, as they believe everyone deserves the best opportunity possible to succeed in life and reach their full potential.

Manjy Sidoo and her family (David, Dylan, and Jordan) recently announced a $20,000 donation to the East End Boys Club. This donation was done through their foundation called Sidoo Family Giving and will help go towards the ultimate goal of supporting underprivileged youth in the area. The money helps provide guidance, opportunity, and general help for boys looking to succeed in life.

There are many different ways for distractions to cause problems for boys turning into men in the greater Vancouver area. Whether it’s falling in the wrong crowd or not having proper mentorship, the East End Boys Club strives to change that. 
The goal is to do more than help young men stay or get on the right path. It’s also providing tools for the future that makes a long-lasting difference. Which her sons Dylan and Jordan agree that this is an important cause. Manjy’s husband David relates to fathers out there wanting the best for their sons.

For her, this part of the city holds a special place in her heart. She’s played an active role in helping the East End Boys Club in various events throughout her life. Manjy Sidoo, being a mother of her sons Dylan and Jordan Sidoo, helps her understand all the benefits of having stable support and proper life training to succeed later on. Without a strong support system, it puts boys behind the wrong peers.

The $20,000 donation will help significantly build more diverse offerings at the East End Boys Club. The goal is to offer help and assistance tailored for each individual. Having more resources available makes it easier to adapt. Every boy walking through the doors is different and having someone to connect right away with can make a huge difference.

The entire Manjy Sidoo family hopes to continually help the East End Boys Club in some capacity. According to Manjy Sidoo, they have been affiliated with the club as a generous donor with other projects. 

Although her husband David is more hands-on with the Boys Club, Manjy and her boys Dylan and Jordan Sidoo have still played an important role. The club is always very thankful for the Sidoo family helping out. 

The club has grown considerably over the years. For more information on the East End Boys Club, visit their website. They provide new information for anyone hoping to put a child in the club to help them reach specific goals.


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