Conquer the “Pirate World” in CryptoPiece Game

Inspired by the blockbuster series “One Piece,” the development team is ambitious for a lively, continuously-expanded, and globally-influential CryptoPiece world.

Belize City, Belize, Dec. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The game has been under two beta tests and received positive feedback. It will launch the official IDO on December 15th and plan to launch version 2 in Q1/2022.

CryptoPiece IDO and Fast Fact

IDO Date: December 15th, 2021
Launchpad platform: LaunchZone Pad (LZ Pad)
Participating token: $BELLY

Seize the once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity

Apart from entertainment, the games are designed to allow users to play to earn (P2E) as game items can be converted to assets and can be transferred at any time amid the NFT Games are booming and have become a considerable wave in the crypto market.

According to Economic Times, the global market cap of NFT is roughly $11,72 billion. The trading volume on blockchain platforms soared, reaching $1,23 billion and $1,24 billion in Q1 and Q2, 2021, respectively. also estimated NFT Game’s market capitalization value is about $7,63 billion in 2021, rising 2.300% compared to 2017.

Joining the crypto market in 2016 when there were various blockchain products like the NFT market (auction, NFT trading) and Tron protocol (corechain, blockexplorer, wallet), Founder Crypto Piece Khoa Nguyen believed that it was the “gold” time for the NFT game. Consequently, CryptoPiece was launched after four working months of development.

According to the founder, CryptoPiece drew inspiration from the blockbuster “One Piece,” and it is promised that the team would develop more game stories and new characters, complete the game graphics and gameplay to create more attractive battlefields.

Focus to grow bigger

CryptoPiece targets blockchain investors and NFT gamers who are ranked in the first place to form a crowded community and set a solid foundation for $Belly Token (the currency in CryptoPiece).

In the following step, the target will be traditional gamers. Founder Khoa Nguyen judged that the GameFi market is changing with various impressive games launched and diverse mechanics. However, it still can not convert a considerable number of gamers in the traditional market. This is a real challenge to overcome, or it would be like other trends.

Despite the difficulties, universal gamers usually have higher loyalty than NFT-game players. They always look for the latest news, participate in the discussions about investment opportunities and put buckets of money in limited items; this group will play a key role in building a sustainable GameFi community.

Unique points to stand out

Talking about the unique point, Founder Khoa Nguyen claimed that CryptoPiece was selected and developed from gamers’ insight by a proficient team with years of experience in blockchain and gaming. Not only the game story and graphics but also the role-playing game (RPG) format makes the attraction for CryptoPiece, which even can make the cross-grained gamers in the traditional market satisfied. Players do not have to “get a load” of the gas fee; the only thing they need to focus on now is to grow their private revenue.

Renting is another CryptoPiece’s unique selling point; players can let their NFTs out for others and share profit with renters. Mr. Khoa Nguyen said: “Participants can have an additional option to hire mercenaries from other players instead of paying a fortune to buy NFTs. In the case of the Covid-19 pandemic, when many people find GameFi as an extra source of income, it will be a realistic concept to play to earn.

With the present version, players can immerse a captain and start to establish their own crew through a special venue, the so-called Merc Center. Having chosen their own members, they need to set up a crew (maximum 4 Mercs for each battlefield) and capture criminals in the Wanted list by the World Government to earn $Belly Token - in-game currency.

When Bounty Hunter Center is launched in the future, players can earn by listing their NFTs for rent and get profit without spending time for it. This also means people that play for others can have a shared profit with owners. Fountain of Wealth is another game feature where players can flip the lucky coins to claim additional rewards such as $Belly token or Ori Ori no Mi fruit.

In version 2, players can discover new lands in the CryptoPiece world, earn money by completing the daily, weekly, or monthly missions. Besides, players can participate in a load of activities and events to increase revenue: participate in PVP tournaments and get top ranking, participate in weekly and monthly raid boss, etc.

Created by an experienced team with an appealing story and attractive graphics, the launch of CryptoPiece is expected to make a vibration in the crypto space but it is not the end, CryptoPiece world will continue with novel stories in its new phases...

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