BioIntelliSense and Renown Health Announce Strategic Collaboration to Provide Continuous Medical Grade Patient Monitoring from In-Hospital to Home

BioIntelliSense medical grade vital sign monitoring and Renown Health’s centralized command center creates a scalable system to optimize critical healthcare resources and nurse workflow efficiencies.

DENVER , CO and RENO, NV, Dec. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BioIntelliSense, a continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence company, has entered into a strategic collaboration with Renown Health, a not-
for-profit integrated healthcare network of hospitals and care facilities serving over one million people in Nevada and northeast California, to provide more convenient, effective and personalized care to patients via continuous remote monitoring for both in-hospital patient care as well as at-home health management. This innovative program integrates BioIntelliSense’s FDA-cleared BioSticker™ wearable device into Renown Health’s state-of-the-art clinical remote monitoring services to address today’s significant healthcare workforce shortage challenges and enhance their patient-centered model of care.

BioIntelliSense’s BioSticker continuously monitors data on a patient’s skin temperature, resting heart rate and respiratory rate, step, gait, sleep, activity levels, and more, including infection-like symptom alerts that supports COVID-19 monitoring. The BioSticker’s medical-grade trending and advanced analytics will be visualized and monitored by clinical staff within the Renown Transfer and Operations Center (RTOC).

The Renown Transfer and Operations Center is powered by Renown doctors, nurses, technicians and national technology partners, including BioIntelliSense, to help ensure seamless care for patients and providers. Through this highly coordinated care logistics system, Renown will be able to customize health care to the needs of every patient; delivering the right care, at the right time and place across the integrated delivery system. Renown clinicians will be able to access near real-time information on patients’ vital signs and symptoms, enabling them to identify adverse changes in health sooner and intervene earlier.

“Given the growing healthcare workforce crisis, routine patient monitoring has become more expensive and less frequent, especially during the ongoing public health emergency. With the BioSticker, vital signs monitoring can be provided for each patient far more frequently and at a fraction of the cost,” said James Mault, MD, Founder and CEO of BioIntelliSense. “Our strategic partnership with Renown Health serves as a gold standard demonstration project for other hospital systems. What we are learning from patients and providers at Renown will help create fully integrated, continuous care delivery that starts during the patient’s hospitalization enabling monitoring of their health status throughout their recovery process, and from the comfort of their own home after leaving the hospital.”

During the first phase of the collaboration and during this phase one implementation, the BioSticker will be applied to all patients admitted to Renown’s community hospital, Renown South Meadows Medical Center in Reno, Nevada. Patients may wear the device throughout their hospital stay and continue to wear it when they leave for their homes, ambulatory, outpatient surgical, rehabilitation or skilled nursing settings.

“We are excited to continue to enhance our relationships with patients by integrating technology that supplements our care teams and provides patients with a virtual care solution that will continuously track vital signs, making healthcare more accessible, affordable and convenient,” said Tony Slonim, MD, DPH, CEO, Renown Health. “We believe patients and their loved ones will have confidence in knowing that their Renown clinical team will be closely monitoring their health data and communicating with them regularly to deliver high quality, personalized care throughout their healing process.”

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Initially, this collaboration will focus on understanding the logistics of patient monitoring in the hospital and at home or remote sites using the BioIntelliSense remote care technology. Renown Health will then work towards streamlining and operationalizing the clinical workflow, while scaling the program, to measure clinical improvement and the economic impact on patient care.

“We are entering a new era in continuous health monitoring, as innovative hospital systems like Renown Health are integrating remote care technologies that provide scalable, user friendly and cost-effective solutions for health screening, COVID symptom monitoring and remote patient monitoring,” noted Mault. “We anticipate that within ten years, our wearable devices will become the standard of care for those not feeling well, giving people peace of mind that they or their loved ones are being monitored 24/7 by a supportive clinical team and have the security of knowing that if their condition worsens, we can elevate their level of care – immediately and in real-time.”

"We are excited to serve as the national training site for BioIntelliSense and continue to bring new technology that improves the patient and provider experience to colleagues. We will continue to develop a well-trained, inter-professional and flexible workforce with technology skills that match the current pace of health care innovation,” added Slonim. “Our team is excited to be improving health care access and affordability across the state, and especially with critical access hospitals serving rural communities. Remote patient monitoring technology offers great benefit to patients at or near their homes, and it may transform hospital care by expanding access to clinical expertise to patients, and extending and increasing workforce capacity for limited hospital physician, nursing and clinical teams. We are pleased to be working with Dr. Mault and the team at BioIntelliSense, on the demonstration project with the BioSticker for vital signs monitoring as we take another bold step in innovating health care for long-term success.”

About Renown Health
Renown Health is a locally governed, not-for-profit integrated healthcare network serving northern Nevada, Lake Tahoe and northeast California. Renown is one of the region’s largest private employers with a workforce of more than 7,000. It comprises three acute care hospitals, the region’s only children’s hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, the area’s most comprehensive medical group and urgent care network, and the region’s largest not-for-profit insurance company, Hometown Health. Renown has a long tradition and commitment to improving the care and the health of our community. For more information, visit

About BioIntelliSense
BioIntelliSense is ushering in a new era of continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Its medical-grade Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform seamlessly captures multiparameter vital signs, physiological biometrics and symptomatic events through an effortless patient experience. The FDA-cleared BioSticker™ and medical grade BioButton® devices make remote monitoring and early detection simple. Through the platform’s advanced analytics, clinicians will now have access to high-resolution patient trending and reporting to enable medical grade care from in the hospital to the home. For more information on how BioIntelliSense is redefining remote patient monitoring through medical-grade and cost-effective data services, please contact us at or visit our website at


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