ZenHub Introduces the Industry’s First Productivity Management Solution Delivering Automated, Real-Time Actionable Insights

Productivity Insights’ unique integration with GitHub delivers critical real-time knowledge software teams can act on that goes beyond simple reporting

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ZenHub, the only productivity management solution built into GitHub, today introduced Productivity Insights, a new solution in its industry-leading portfolio of productivity management tools that goes beyond reporting to give product teams actionable insights on sprint progress and total productivity in real time. Designed for software development teams, ZenHub is unique in that it has automated the creation of these insights via its deep integration with GitHub.

“There are lots of reporting solutions out there; we offer a great one ourselves. Productivity Insights is about keeping teams from being overwhelmed with reports and giving them the information they need right now in order to resolve the issues they’re facing. We’re providing actionable insights in real-time, so your team is unblocked fast and gets more done,” said Aaron Upright, ZenHub’s co-founder. “Our solution is designed to give developers, project managers, and product owners alike the visibility and clarity they need to meet their goals faster and more efficiently.”

Measuring and analyzing a software development team’s performance and improvement is a necessary, but challenging undertaking for many organizations. Project managers, team leads, and process owners are often overwhelmed with the amount of data available to them and can waste valuable hours and even days sifting through useless information in order to get what they need to understand their progress. Productivity Insights automates the creation of this critical progress information and enables it to be immediately shared throughout the entire development organization. What’s more, Productivity Insights and the analysis it provides is available at a glance from the standard ZenHub UI view that developers use every day. As a result, all team members have a clear vision of the progress that’s being made, what’s yet to be accomplished, and how to overcome any existing obstacles to achieving the project’s goals.

As a demonstration of the effectiveness of Productivity Insights, ZenHub’s internal teams leveraged this functionality in order to assess their own progress. Using Productivity Insights, ZenHub’s teams were able to quickly establish average days in development (5.5); average days in review (6.3); and this average number of user stories completed per sprint (47%). This benchmark data is now used to guide the pace of internal productivity and help speed innovation.

For developers and project management leaders, ZenHub’s Productivity Insights showcases this information exactly where these teams work every day. It is these kinds of insights that enable teams that use ZenHub to quickly baseline and improve their productivity. Development teams using ZenHub increase their productivity by as much as 75% through a combination of fewer meetings, less time spent pouring over reports, and more time focused on coding. Productivity Insights contributes to this productivity improvement by delivering two primary sources of information:

  • Sprint Insights - This view gives teams instant analysis on the current sprint in which they’re participating. Scope change and project velocity are two examples of the insights available to the team at a glance. These insights help the team to adjust work for the next sprint and make sure they can meet their sprint goals. Teams can also see the average velocity of their current sprint when compared to others to help understand trends.

  • Productivity Insights - This view provides the team with data on how the project is progressing overall. That includes information on how long it takes the team to solve specific issues, review problems, and other critical information. There is also a view that showcases anomalies, so the team can easily understand what obstacles are slowing down progress. This system even provides automated tips based on the aggregate data from ZenHub’s community of users.

Productivity Insights is available today. Interested project managers, and product professionals, and agile developers can find out more here. ZenHub is already used for free by over 4,000 public GitHub organizations, and Productivity Insights is entirely free for open source projects and public repositories.

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