MusicFX to Revolutionize Music Industries Relationship with NFTs

Los Angeles CA, Dec. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (“MusicFX” or the “Company”), a global stage in connecting artists to their fans through NFT technology, is proud to announce the launch of its platform, as it prepares to revolutionize the relationship between the industry and the multi-billion-dollar digital token market.

MusicFX will set the stage for new innovations for artists and fan engagement. The platform allows fans to become truly invested in their favorite bands and artists; while giving artists the ability to build a new type of relationship with their fans - one where they can feel completely connected.

This ground-breaking approach has been made possible through a partnership created by CurrencyWorks Inc. and Crown & Ace Inc. – two established leaders in their respective markets.

A pioneer of the NFT space, CurrencyWorks has already created several revolutionary platforms to serve the growing demand for digital token services and collectibles, including VUELE™ (film distribution) and Motoclub (digital automotive collectibles).

Crown & Ace is a family of entertainment entrepreneurs founded by industry veterans Billie-Jo Aasen and Jake Crownover, who have extensive experience in festivals, hospitality, band management, booking and production services. Artists they have worked with include The Beatles, Matchbox Twenty, Beyoncé, Kiss, and Ringo Starr.

For the fan, MusicFX will represent the ultimate backstage pass, providing access to exclusive VIP events and experiences, priority tickets, merchandise and more, all through the security of NFTs.

For the artist, MusicFX will provide an unmatchable ability to connect with and reward fans.

“I’m incredibly excited by what this new partnership and platform can deliver,” said Cameron Chell, Executive Chairman of CurrencyWorks. “The CurrencyWorks platform and services are well suited for the entertainment space. We are honored to be partnering with Crown & Ace to launch this innovative and essential new offering for the music industry.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with CurrencyWorks on this new venture,” said Billie-Jo Aasen, CEO of Crown & Ace. “We want to go beyond what other music NFT platforms are offering and provide a space that builds a strong lasting relationship with the artists we work with, and allows them a more rewarding experience with their fan base. This will be at the core of MusicFX.”

Full details on the first artists to sign with MusicFX will be published shortly.

About MusicFX

MusicFX sets the stage for new innovations in artist and fan engagement. Using the blockchain, artists are empowered to leverage their brand while bringing fans closer than ever before to the music and the people behind the mic.

MusicFX NFTs provide the backstage pass, the ultimate connection between fan and artist, with exclusive VIP events and experiences, priority tickets, merchandise and more.

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About CurrencyWorks

CurrencyWorks Inc. (CSE: CWRK and OTCQB: CWRK) is an award-winning, publicly-traded company that builds and operates FinTech Platforms for Digital Currencies, Digital Assets, and Security Tokens.

For more information on CurrencyWorks, please visit us at For additional investor info visit or and searching CWRK.

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About Crown & Ace

Crown & Ace is a family of entertainment entrepreneurs who have come together to restore values, relationships, trust and stability within the multifaceted entertainment world.

The company is a joint venture between The Festival Company and Periscope Music Group which was founded in 2021 by Billie-Jo Aasen and Jake Crownover, two highly respected and incredibly experienced veterans of the entertainment industry who have worked with some of biggest global talents to take to the stage.

Crown & Ace’s core business covers a multitude of services ranging from talent buying and venue booking, to festival and marquee event creation/execution, to NFTs, to creating unique bonds and partnerships between brands and key personalities. They welcome their clients and their partners into their family and as a family they all rise together and stay together.

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