Cloudbeds Horizon launches to empower hospitality schools to upskill students in cloud technology

Cloudbeds’ new educational partners program begins following a successful pilot with EHL, the world’s most prestigious hospitality management school

San Diego, Dec. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (SAN DIEGO) — Cloudbeds, the hospitality industry’s fastest-growing technology provider, announced the launch of Cloudbeds Horizon, a new educational partners program designed to empower hospitality’s future leaders with modern technology skills and innovation. Cloudbeds Horizon launches following a successful pilot program with EHL, the world’s most prestigious hospitality management school. 

Cloudbeds Horizon partners with hospitality schools and universities worldwide to provide access to its innovative cloud software, knowledge base, and on-demand educational materials to help upskill students in modern cloud software and technology. 

For the EHL pilot, Cloudbeds partnered with the university’s hospitality technology class to develop a weeklong curriculum for students to gain experience managing test properties through the Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform. More than 300 students who follow EHL’s Bachelor in International Hospitality Management have participated in the class thus far, providing positive feedback on Cloudbeds’ intuitive design and ease of use. 

“Our goal at EHL is to ensure that our students are not just well-prepared for the future, but that they are leading the way and shaping the hospitality industry,” says Julien Simon, Lecturer at EHL. “We view Cloudbeds as a prime example of modern, state-of-the-art technology powering hospitality businesses around the world, and we are excited to partner with them to offer our students a hands-on learning experience on the platform.” 

“In the hospitality industry, digitalization and automation are becoming must-haves, not nice-to-haves. Cloudbeds Horizon is designed to ensure that all future generations of hospitality leaders are equipped with the technology skills they need to run successful, modern properties,” says Sebastien Leitner, VP of Partnerships at Cloudbeds. 

“At Cloudbeds, two of our core values are Discovery and Kaizen — always learning and always improving. Cloudbeds Horizon is a natural extension of these ideals. It is an investment in the development and training of the next generation of hoteliers and hosts, so that together we can drive the digital transformation of hospitality and collectively move the industry forward,” says Adam Harris, CEO of Cloudbeds.

Cloudbeds Horizon is now available to any hospitality education program worldwide, with universities receiving special educational licenses for students to learn directly on the Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform. The platform can be tailored to accommodate the school curriculum, complete with specific exercises and activities designed for the class. 

With Cloudbeds Horizon, hospitality students can also enhance their learning experience with free access to Cloudbeds University, an online learning portal with hundreds of on-demand courses, training videos, industry best practice guides, and standard operating procedures for managing a successful hotel business. 

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