Automated Appointment Engines - The Top Rated Marketing Solution for Real Estate Professionals

NEW YORK, Dec. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a recent interview with Authority Sharks, the team at Automated Appointment Engines was interviewed for their incredible work in the real estate marketing industry.

Ben Martinez and Conner McBride are the duo that founded Automated Appointment Engines; a system that helps Real Estate Professionals acquire reliable listings.

Both Conner and Ben partnered up in 2019 when Conner saw Ben on a podcast and was introduced through podcast owners. They immediately clicked and set out on a mission to solve the listing problem that so many deemed impossible; a drought of real estate listings.

Being in the marketing game for years, the newly assembled team were able to crack the code on what real estate professionals were missing in their efforts to achieve more closings.

The issue is that many real estate professionals focus on the quantity of leads and the more advanced real estate pros focus on the quantity of appointments. Ben and Conner’s team figured that in order to help these professionals reach elite level status, they need elite level conversions.

This led to them focusing on not only booking high quality appointments for their clients, but also helping them convert to where they would become top agents in their competitive markets.

“We knew that it wasn't just bad ad management, it was bad customer service, it was a lack of leadership and a lack of training for real estate agents on exactly what to do to get the listings. We estimate that 30% of our job is running your ads & managing your funnels. The other 70% is in leadership. It's in the conversations we have every few days. It's the growth. It's challenging Realtors to be better than they are. To master the phones, and most importantly earn people's business,” Ben & Conner stated in a recent interview.

Automated Appointment Engines is one of the fastest growing real estate marketing companies in the U.S. They have countless case studies, testimonials and happy clients across the board.

For Real Estate Professionals struggling to fill up their calendar with qualified homeowners who are ready to list their homes, you can book a call with their team here.

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