Introducing Blitzionaire: The First Play to Earn NFTs Trading Game

Leading Financial Games company, Playnance, launches the first play to earn NFT game to the app store and play store.

TEL AVIV, Israel, Dec. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Playnance Ltd., developer and publisher of financial games, announced the launch of their new play to earn game, Blitzionaire. Venturing into the gaming world in 2019, Playnance was founded by veterans of the Fintech industry, who have proven success in simplifying finance and trading so that everyday people can trade. The new game, Blitzionaire, is a social player vs. player game, on market predictions, all in real time. What's not real is the money involved, as players trade with the game's virtual currency, Blitz cash. Upon winning, players have the opportunity to buy with their virtual free coins, real Blitzdog NFTs. Once players buy it, they own it.

The Blitzdog NFTs were minted by the playnance team of legends. Each Blitzdog is a one-of-a-kind breed with a unique character. To own a Blitzdog NFT, players will need to gain a certain amount of Blitz cash, then, simply click a button to own the Blitzdog of their choice. 

The playnance team crafted a flawless experience that makes players feel like buying an NFT is easier than buying sneakers online. The Blizdog NFTs are stored on the OpenSea marketplace, the largest NFT platform worldwide. 

"Blitzionaire was at first a social trading game, the decision to make it a play to earn NFT game was simply genius" - Yaniv Baruch, COO.

Besides providing a dynamic, thrilling game with a fantastic twist, research shows that the Peer Vs. Peer (PVP) factor is essential in the success of viral sustainability, and this is tackled with the Banker feature that brings the game to new levels of connectivity between the players.  All the players are categorized as bankers, just like in real life their goal is to earn as many coins as possible while protecting their net worth from other bankers' attacks. Blitzionaire bankers accept challenges by their peers (24/7 even when they're offline). Blitzionaire is a market prediction game on the Bitcoin real time price. Each session lasts 60 seconds, in which the players goal as a Blitzionaire banker is to win as many trades as possible against the rival Banker of their choice, by predicting what will happen to the bitcoin price, during the upcoming seven seconds. Will it go up or will it drop down?

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The first play to earn NFT trading game

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