Iron Fit Gym & Wellness Center Expands Services in Mt. Juliet TN, to Open in December

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Old Hickory, TN, Dec. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Patrick Neumiller, CEO and Founder of Iron Fit Gym & Wellness Center, is pleased to share that they are all set to open a new center in Mt. Juliet, TN. The new gym boasts of state-of-the-art fitness equipment, a fully functional outdoor fitness section, cryotherapy and chiropractic services, sauna and red-light therapy among other services. While there were plans to launch the new center anytime in Q4 of 2021, Patrick has clearly stated that it would be open for business before Christmas 2021.

Patrick Neumiller, CEO and Founder of Iron Fit Gym & Wellness Center
Patrick Neumiller, CEO and Founder of Iron Fit Gym & Wellness Center

With the first center opened in 2017, Iron Fit has come a long way from being a gym to a well-known brand offering services as well as merchandise which includes health supplements, apparel, and online coaching. Rated as one of the top gyms in Old Hickory, TN area.

The gym plans to provide a holistic experience to customers. “I wanted to give as many positive experiences with Iron Fit as possible. When you come into the gym, from the vibration to the ambiance to the highest quality equipment, nutritional value, supplements, layout, color schemes, cyrotherapy, tanning, sauna, showers. We really tried to cover everything and leave no stone unturned”, says Patrick. Iron Fit has partnered with local chiropractors who will be present at the facility a few days in a week. Inspired by the legendary Gold’s Gym in Venice, CA, Iron Fit also has an outdoor weight training area.

This wasn’t an easy journey for Patrick who has experienced persona loss when his 19 year old brother took his own life in 2016. Patrick thanks the Carrington community and his friend Matthew for supporting him and his family during those difficult times. Although successful in the construction business, Patrick wanted to do something that he was passionate about. He wanted to open a fitness center of his own and decided to buy the very gym he was working out in. Being the only gym in town, Patrick make sure the owner and his family were taken care of and also took care of the staff by hiring them back in a newer, cleaner and modern facility.

Iron Fit Gym & Wellness Center Expands Services in Mt. Juliet TN
Iron Fit Gym & Wellness Center

Life is never easy and everyone has to go through some testing times. After initially coping with the personal loss of his brother, Patrick was abandoned by his longtime girlfriend which led to depression and loss of interest in life itself. However, this young man emerged as a winner and decided to introduce supplements to the Iron Fit brand. Patrick’s mother Karen lent him her small inheritance with which he started a brand new line of Iron Fit supplements.

Like many other small businesses, Iron Fit was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The lockdown took a toll on the business leading to temporary closure of business, financial losses and the tragic death of his father. Only the strong could survive so many tragedies in life. It took a lot of struggling and juggling between coping with personal losses and trying to pay off debts. Patrick has received immense support from his mother and close friends. He hopes that this new and big 5000 sq.ft. fitness facility will bring much-needed courage and faith.

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Iron Fit Gym and Wellness Center was started in 2017 in Carrington, ND. Founded by Patrick Neumiller, this center has grown to be a popular fitness brand that promises state-of-the-art gym facilities, top-notch Iron Fit supplements, successful online coaching, and of course trending clothing line.



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