One Visit Cerec Dental Crowns Pukekohe Updated By Drury Dentist

Auckland Family Dental Drury (09) 294 7761 updated its One Visit Cerec Dental Crowns treatments for patients in Pukekohe, Karaka, Papakura for those with cracked, broken, chipped teeth etc

Drury, New Zealand , Dec. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Auckland Family Dental Drury Pukekohe a dentist located in Auckland, NZ have expanded their professional same-day dental crown and root canal services.

The practice is conveniently located at 217 Great South Road, Drury 2113. Click here for directions from Pukekohe, Papakura and Karaka

The announcement coincides with the latest news from the Ministry of Health’s annual survey of New Zealand’s Health, that more than half of all Kiwi’s don’t visit the dentist enough. This delay means that smaller problems often exacerbate to the point of needing significant professional intervention.

As such, to meet the needs of these patients who are experiencing profound damage or infection, Auckland Family Dental Drury Pukekohe is now specializing in dental crowns which can be provided on a same-day basis.

Dental crowns are widely considered to be one of the most versatile and useful dental interventions in the case of extreme damage or infection as they can both help to restore teeth to their original strength and aesthetically improve the appearance of aged, discolored, chipped, damaged and misshapen teeth.

Moreover, dental crowns can be utilized to replace a single tooth with a dental implant or can support a dental bridge in the case of a more comprehensive dental rejuvenation project.

Auckland Family Dental Drury Pukekohe is now providing dental crowns to clients who are experiencing a range of profound dental issues, as is detailed at the following link

Particularly, they are assisting patients with significantly broken teeth, whether the tooth is broken in half, broken off at or below the gum line, or broken off at the root. Regardless of the age of the break, including at the point where the gum may be healing over the broken tooth.

For those clients who are experiencing smaller horizontal or vertical hairline cracks, or fractured teeth, Auckland Family Dental Drury Pukekohe can also assist with their root canal and dental crown services.

Dr Kavendra Naidoo said that their patients can expect to “receive beautiful and natural appearing dental crowns that help enhance your smile.”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website. For patients looking for Invisalign, ClearCorrect, Smilezy clear braces, more details of this expanded service can be found here



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