Forwardly’s Ligand Innovation Global Demonstrates LifeAir G1 Portable Ventilator at The Beverly Hills Lung and Sleep Institute

Henderson, NV, Dec. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Forwardly, Inc. (OTCMKT: FORW) announced today that a demonstration of the LifeAir G1 Portable Ventilator to doctors at The Beverly Hills Lung and Sleep Institute was very well received. It was also the first opportunity for Forwardly President, George Sharp, and Medical Board of Advisors Member, Dr. Michael Soffer, to observe the operation of the LifeAir G1 in person. The demonstration was orchestrated by Ligand Innovation Global, Inc.’s (“Ligand IG”) CEO, Dr. Dayo Olakulehin and Vice President of Global Sales, Abu Becker. Ligand IG is a partially owned company and partner of Forwardly

The protype was demonstrated to institute’s Dr. Dan Naim and Dr. Ashkan Naraghi both of whom expressed good impressions of Ligand’s achievements.

Dr. Soffer was also impressed with the ventilator’s progression and that the current iteration was developed within the budgetary restraints binding Ligand IG. “It is great that Forwardly and Ligand have the opportunity to work together to bring Dr. Olakulehin’s longtime dream of providing low cost ventilators to developing nations as well as making them economically feasible for mass stock piling by the industrial nations of the world, in preparation for any contingency”, he stated.

Following the demonstration, Dr. Olakulehin announced that Ligand is ‘cautiously optimistic” that it will complete its submission to the US FDA by Christmas for emergency use approval. “If not by Christmas, then certainly in January”, he exclaimed. Ligand has retained highly regarded law firm, Hogan Lovells US LLP, to represent the company to the FDA.

About Ligand Innovation Global, Inc.

Ligand IG continues development of the LifeAir G1 Emergency Portable Ventilator to address the expense of conventional ventilator systems which require the intubation and sedation of the patient. Ligand IG expects these units to become readily available, at a greatly reduced cost, to hospitals, nursing homes, and other sites where emergency, life-saving equipment, such as defibrillators are a necessity. Additional information regarding Ligand IG can be found at

About Forwardly, Inc.

Forwardly is an opportunity investor seeking to partner in fresh ideas. The company is headed by George Sharp, a longtime whistleblower, advocate against microcap fraud, and defender of shareholder rights. In addition to his continued participation in these activities, Mr. Sharp consults to public companies, attorneys and those associated with the financial markets. He is also a former consultant to OTC Markets Group, Inc. Further information about Forwardly, Inc. can be obtained through its website at

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