Damian Muziani Announces “Hindsight Tonight”, A Weekly Comedy-News Capsule Streaming on YouTube

Blackwood, New Jersey, Dec. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Following the success of Hindsight 2020 and Hindsight 2021, a series of weekly quickfire, witty and comedic reflections on the stories making headlines across the US, Emmy-Award nominated and W3-Award winning Damian Muziani has announced a new, permanent home for his series which will now stream on YouTube and other platforms every Sunday, called ‘Hindsight Tonight’, premiering on Sunday, January 2, 2022.

Providing light relief, sharp, thought-provoking observations and a no holds barred approach to journalism, fans of Damian Muziani and the Hindsight series have welcomed the announcement.

Hindsight Tonight will see the show move from its usual Monday morning release time to Sunday evenings, with the renowned actor and broadcaster confirming the show can be watched and streamed, for free, directly on YouTube and on the DB&A Television Network.

Below, we look at what fans of new and old can expect from the Hindsight Tonight series, and outline just a few of the reasons why the Hindsight comedy-news capsules have grown such a strong fanbase:

Damian Muziani, creator and presenter, explains the success of the Hindsight series

As an award-winning actor, host, broadcaster and filmmaker, Damian Muziani is no stranger to being in front of the camera. With an infectious personality and a presenting style that combines wit and logic with comedic humor, for many, his take on current events is not to be missed.

Damian said: “I have been hosting ‘Hindsight 2020’ and ‘Hindsight 2021’ over the past 14 months and the public reaction has been so mind-bogglingly positive that I knew we had to continue in some way.  It wasn’t until my writing was honored with an Emmy nomination in 2021 that I began to consider that maybe my skills are getting noticed.  Hindsight Tonight will be the new and permanent version of this show”. He believes that his approach to critiquing news and providing humorous reflections on the headlines not only keeps fans up-to-date with what’s happening in the U.S and across the world but provides the entertainment and debate that mainstream news channels are missing.

What fans can expect from the new weekly Hindsight Tonight series

Over the past 14 months there’s been plenty of events going on for Damian Muziani to reflect on. From covid-19 and questionable political activities to high profile trials and of course, the public providing plenty of unique and dumbfounding headlines, Damian has covered it all.

The new Hindsight Tonight series will continue to build on the success of the past 14 months by providing an alternative to mainstream news channels and critiquing the biggest stories from around the globe from the ever-entertaining viewpoint of Damian Muziani.

How to subscribe and watch Damian Muziani’s ‘Hindsight Tonight’ comedy news capsules

The best way to watch is to subscribe to the Hindsight Tonight YouTube channel and tune in every Sunday evening.  Viewers can also log on to the DB&A Television Network either online or on streaming services like Roku and Amazon Prime.

If you enjoy the comedy news capsules, there is already over 14 months’ worth of content across the various Damian Muziani channels, such as YouTube, Facebook and Soundcloud. Unlike traditional news, these continue to be an enjoyable watch thanks to the entertainment-value Damian Muziani provides.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel to be notified of every new episode, and if you enjoy the content, make sure to like and share the videos to help spread the word.

Learn more about Damian Muziani

If you’re a fan of Damian Muziani, you can learn more about the man behind the Hindsight Tonight series via the Damian Muziani website. Here you’ll find lots of videos and audio to indulge in, and you can even read his biography, which outlines how Damian has been making films, writing, acting, performing and performing since the young age of 8.

More Information:

Hindsight Tonight is a new YouTube and streaming platform TV show presented by Damian Muziani. The show will be released every Sunday evening. Subscribe to the new YouTube channel and never miss an episode.



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