Football legend Emmitt Smith partners with My Labs Direct to tackle COVID

"Got Antibodies" PSA-style campaign encourages COVID-19 and antibodies testing for community health

Dallas, Texas, Dec. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the discovery of COVID-19’s newest Omicron variant, peak travel and mingle season, and the Biden Administration’s recently announced plans to combat COVID-19, football legend Emmitt Smith has partnered with My Labs Direct to get the word out about testing for COVID-19.  


Smith understands the continued importance and seriousness of frequent testing for COVID-19. “You don’t want to see anyone die when you know it could have been prevented,” said Emmitt Smith. "For a guy who travels as much as I do, and is around as many people as I am, I test often. Testing saves lives. It allows the battle to be won before it is even fought. I believe if we all do the right thing by testing, we can put COVID behind us.”


Through its university-backed research facility, My Labs Direct is leading the fight against COVID-19 through ongoing research on variants and delivering world-class testing. The organization invited Smith to kick-start its “Got Antibodies” campaign, a regional radio, outdoor, TV, and online campaign that explains the benefits of testing for COVID and antibodies as a service to friends, family, and community, and where to get tested.


"By offering gold-standard COVID-19 testing accuracy with same-day results in the convenience of people’s homes, or at any of our testing sites, we are helping North Texans stay safe and make healthy decisions for themselves and for their communities this winter,” said Justin Simons, CEO of My Labs Direct. “Whether you are vaccinated or not, testing before and after you travel or attend holiday gatherings is the best way to protect yourself and others.”


My Labs Direct is a single-source COVID-19 testing solutions partner that offers companies, universities, and consumers best-in-class RT-PCR, Rapid-PCR, Rapid Antigen and COVID-19 Antibody testing through a go-anywhere mobile testing service and drive-up testing sites. COVID-19 tests are free through insurance or the Cares Act if you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. My Labs Direct COVID-19 PCR tests are CDC approved for travel. The company owns and operates three, full-service CLIA certified and accredited labs that also offer an extensive menu of blood tests. 


“I want people to take seriously the importance of testing and doing so as soon as they suspect an exposure or symptoms,” said Simons.  “My parents both fell ill with COVID-19 on a recent RV trip and mistook their symptoms as being related to a common cold.  The progression of COVID-19 came on extremely fast and my dad was rushed to the hospital from the RV park where they were staying. He has been in the ICU for nearly 4 weeks. Watching my hero lose his battle with COVID-19 and knowing that all of this could have been prevented is unbearable.” 


At the campaign photo shoot, Smith delivered a plea: “I want to encourage everyone to help tackle the spread of COVID 19. Knowing if you are positive in the early stages of infection will allow you to take important steps in reducing the spread of infection and to proactively seek treatment for yourself. And, knowing if you have antibodies from a previous infection or from getting the vaccine can help you make informed decisions about your health. A winning game plan depends on everyone doing their part. Let’s tackle COVID-19 together through testing."

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Emmitt Smith partners with My Labs Direct in a "Got Antibodies?" campaign to help tackle COVID-19 When to Get Tested

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