EveryAction Report Highlights Philanthropic Trends for Giving Week 2021

Organizations on the EveryAction platform had a record-breaking 24 hours on GivingTuesday

Ithaca, New York, UNITED STATES

Washington, DC, Dec. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EveryAction, a leading provider of technology to nonprofits, with a platform serving over 18,000 organizations, announced today the release of its 2021 GivingTuesday Results report, a new initiative that highlights key findings for what’s driving individual giving and volunteerism during one of the year’s busiest giving seasons. Inclusive of EveryAction’s portfolio of CRM/nonprofit fundraising, supporter engagement, and donor management brands (Salsa Labs, GiveGab, Mobilize), the report analyzes data from the over 581,000 donations processed through the platforms during Giving Week 2021 -- Thanksgiving to December 4.   

Last year was an unpredictable fundraising cycle for many nonprofit and social good organizations. Some saw their revenue exceed expectations while others saw it dwindle,” said Amanda Coulombe, General Manager and President at EveryAction. “The insights in this report help crystalize how donors responded this year and provide some insights into where individual giving is headed.”  

Results found that on GivingTuesday alone, nonprofits on the EveryAction, Salsa, and GiveGab platforms raised over $36 million online, which is over half of the near $64 million raised online during the entire Giving Week. For comparison, that’s 6.3 times more than the amount raised on the previous day, November 29, and an over 18 percent increase in revenue from GivingTuesday 2020. Other key results this year include: 

  • The average donation size was up by over 10%. 
  • Organizations across platforms sent 182 million emails. Nonprofits on the EveryAction platform alone sent more than 149 million emails on GivingTuesday—breaking EveryAction’s single-day email-send record.

The data highlights a few key trends in giving that are likely to influence philanthropic donations for the rest of the year-end giving season and into 2022.  

Key findings include:  

  • GivingTuesday received the highest donation revenue out of all Giving Week, but the days immediately before and after piqued donors' interest, too. 
  • Nonprofits also saw the highest number of individual donations come in on GivingTuesday, indicating mass supporter mobilization for these nonprofits. 
  • The generosity does not necessarily start or stop with donating funds. While a majority of supporter action happens on the holiday, volunteering was a popular Black Friday activity as well.  
  • Appropriate marketing, effective calls to action, and a culture primed for giving all contributed to the increase in individual donations across all platforms.  

The notion of donor fatigue is a real one, but these results show that nonprofits and philanthropic organizations are doing well at articulating their needs and inspiring donors to give more where there are meaningful calls to action,” said Amanda Coulombe. “This report highlights that consistent and memorable messaging and branding across audiences and channels can help organizations reach their supporter audiences and segments, educate them on the importance of the giving season, and encourage them to participate.” 

The full GivingTuesday report can be accessed here.  

About EveryAction: 

EveryAction offers best-in-class digital, development, and organizing SaaS products, with a unified customer relationship management (CRM) platform that serves nonprofits of all sizes. It was recently announced that EveryAction is combining with Social Solutions and CyberGrants to create the second-largest and fastest-growing social good software company in the world. Visit everyaction.com to learn more.  


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