Cultural Icon Margaret Atwood and Disco Partner On One-Of-A-Kind Virtual Live Learning Experience

Atwood’s Practical Utopias: An Exploration of the Possible, will allow participants from around the world to tackle some of humanity’s most pressing challenges

Toronto, CANADA

TORONTO, Dec. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The call for applications is now open for the once-in-a-lifetime virtual LIVE learning experience “Practical Utopias: An Exploration of the Possible” with cultural icon Margaret Atwood. Created in partnership with Disco, this 8-week collaborative and immersive experience is not only led by Margaret but also features an all-star lineup of special guests, including Yasmeen Hassan, Dave Eggers, Suzanne Nossel, Rev. Adam Russell Taylor, Dr. David Suzuki, Raj Patel, Julie Hanna, Bill McKibben, and representatives from the Nashulai Maasai Conservancy, to name a few.

Participants from around the world will learn live together virtually with these leading experts to tackle some of humanity’s most pressing challenges, collectively designing a practical utopia that works for all with the queen of dystopia herself. Committed to building a diverse and inclusive learning community, Disco has also partnered with GSV Ventures and Penguin Random House to offer full and partial scholarships to Atwood’s live course.

Says Atwood, “Disco, the all-in-one-platform for creators to build live learning communities, is the perfect partner to bring this global, virtual, collaborative learning experience to life. Think of “Practical Utopias” as a sort of sandbox for grownups: the construction of imaginary communities with real solar cookers in them. Welcome to the future… we hope.”

Atwood’s “Practical Utopias” kicks off a new era of online learning forever changed by the pandemic. Millions of people now want to learn live with each other—in real time. Disco, Latin for “learn”, was born to help creators effortlessly deliver community-centric live learning experiences. Disco offers an all-in-one saas platform with seamless branding, live video, group chat, and a full service studio solution to help knowledge creators build, market, and scale their live learning empires. Disco is 100% creator aligned, providing creators with a platform for entrepreneurship while maintaining ownership of their brand, audience, data, and revenue.

Renowned business thinker and longtime Dean of the Rotman School of Management Roger Martin is also launching a virtual live learning experience with Disco. In his first live course “Create Your Winning Strategy”, Martin brings his immense knowledge from running one of the world’s top business schools as well as material he simply could not teach at Rotman to those looking to take their business skills to the next level.

“I have chosen to work with Disco because I think its vision for the future of education and the role of creators in it is the most insightful and forward-thinking of any organization in the space,” said Roger Martin.

Other knowledge creators choosing Disco include Adam Davidson (The New Yorker, NPR’s Planet Money), brain scientist and Co-founder of Muse Ariel Garten, and Olympic gold medal sprinter Andre De Grasse.

The founders of Disco bring exceptionally complementary backgrounds. Candice Faktor helped scale Wattpad, one of the largest storytelling platforms in the world (sold recently for $660MM). Chris Sukornyk is a 6x serial tech entrepreneur who founded Chango, a performance marketing platform that sold for $120MM. Both are committed to supporting creators in finding sustainable ways to monetize their passion and purpose.

“We are in the 'flip phone' stage of the learning metaverse, and Disco is the platform to propel creators and communities into what’s possible for the future of live learning. To this point, online learning has mostly focused on transmitting information. Sure, we can now access information anywhere, but this seldom leads to transformational learning. It ignores the power of learning live together in interactive ways with community, accountability, support, feedback, and access to diverse perspectives. At Disco, not only have we harnessed this power, but we've made it our mission to disrupt conventional ways of learning to create truly transformational virtual live learning experiences for creators and learners alike,” says Faktor.

For more information or to interview Candice Faktor please contact Andrew DeSio at or (267) 987-3810.