Real Estate Marketing Expert Jeremy Lewis launches a new video training program for Realtors and Agents.

Jeremy Lewis organizes video training to help real estate professionals around the world unlock their ultimate potential.

Las Vegas, NV,

Las Vegas, NV, Dec. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jeremy Lewis, a real estate marketing expert, and professional coach, has launched new free video training for realtors and real estate agents in the 2nd week of December 2021 at The five-hour social media mastery course aims to help real estate professionals all over the globe utilize the right tools to become the most successful professionals in their field.

Real Estate Marketing Expert Jeremy Lewis
Real Estate Marketing Expert Jeremy Lewis

Lewis has trained more than 500 agents and realtors across the U.S. on utilizing social media marketing and digital networking to gain more clients and succeed in their real estate careers. He now wanted to expand and help real estate professionals all over the globe achieve success through the free video training he has recently launched on his website.

The free video training teaches real estate agents and realtors the following:

  • Why you should focus on selling yourself and not the physical product
  • How to harness your strengths that others are seeking to pay for
  • How to secure your initial clients or build your existing clientele
  • ​​How to gain notoriety as a real estate marketing expert and become the go-to agent or Realtor®

“If you're looking to make a shift and like to start your adventure, then let's have a talk and get you started,” Lewis wrote on his website.

Lewis encourages anyone in the real estate industry interested in leveling up their career to join the video training, which is available on his website 24/7.

About Real estate marketing expert Jeremy Lewis

Jeremy Lewis is a prominent real estate marketing guru and professional coach in Las Vegas. He established a reputation as the go-to guy for social media marketing, content creation, and networking in the industry. He was featured in the show Pool Hunters on HGTV and organized a luxury open house with a charity aspect to create two unique events in 2019. He was also featured on the cover of Las Vegas Living Magazine as one of Vegas’s most influential figures in Luxury Real Estate.

In 2021, he launched his real estate training course to help fellow real estate professionals succeed in their careers.

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Real Estate Marketing Expert Jeremy Lewis Creates new free video training for realtors


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